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How To Prettify Your Bed

Give your bedroom a quick update with these simple linen solutions!

A bed can make or break the look of the whole bedroom. Because of its size, it is one of the first things we see when entering a room. So why do we think that covering the bed and pillows with a bedsheet is enough? Try these ideas for a quick room update.

Mix it up!

When it comes to buying bed linen, we end up getting the boxed set because it’s easier. Why not mix up different-colored and patterned sets instead of using all of one set at the same time? Just make sure that the colors of your sets complement each other.

Go with runners.

If dining tables have runners, why can’t beds have them, too? Folding your blanket and laying it across the bed will look better than just throwing it over your pillows. Your bed will look neater and more stylish without costing you any money!

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