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Here's A Look Inside Erich Gonzales' Beautiful Minimalist Home

More couches, more chances of sitting, LOL!

The day has finally arrived: Erich Gonzales' house tour is here, and if you're all about that minimalist vibe, enjoy 14 minutes and 35 seconds of pure bliss. The actress revealed that after years of hard work, she bought the lot when she was only 22 and construction began in 2014. Everything you see is based on Erich's taste—she opted not to hire an interior designer. "Sariling sikap lahat 'to."

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Keeping things simple and clean, the inside of her house is mostly white with nude accents. Her living room has a high-ceiling, which really opens up the space. She decided to buy an ottoman instead of a hard coffee table so she can just drag it to the couch and turn it into the perfect lounging space. Fun fact: Erich has *a lot* of couches para raw "more chances of sitting," haha! Relatable AF. 

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Dried flowers are peppered around the house, with lavender being her favorite. Her home has three bedrooms, but her favorite spot is the lanai. "I really fell in love with the view," Erich shared. 

Check out the entire house tour below:


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