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Fat Women Repeat The Mean Comments People Always Say To Them

PHOTO: YouTube/Wear Your Voice Magazine

"If you were skinnier, I'd date you."
"You don't have the body type of a dancer."
"I wonder what you would look like thin."
"I'm just worried about your health." 

Fat people, especially women, are subjected to these types of comments all their lives. And the worst part? They hear it the most from their loved ones. Even medical professionals, who should be aware of the psychological damage of body image issues, are also guilty of fat-shaming their patients.

In the video below, women open up about the worst comments they've heardnot only to increase awareness of body-shaming comments, but also to remind those who are quietly suffering to be brave, because they are not alone: "You are seen. You are heard. You are appreciated. You are loved just as you are. No one needs to give you permission to love yourself, but our hope is to give you a gentle and loving reminder."

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Source: Wear Your Voice

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