4 Pretty Ferns That Belong In Your Indoor Garden

These highly-decorative plants can help clean the air too!

With their ruffled fronds, ferns can add an interesting texture to an indoor garden—and they look just as striking on their own! One important thing to know about ferns is that they love moisture, so you will need to regularly mist them to keep their leaves from turning brown. (Click here for more tips on how to grow ferns indoors!) Here are some fern plants you can shop for online: 

Boston Fern from Tierra Plants 

A boston fern grows long, feather-like fronds—you can beautifully showcase its leaves by placing this fern in a hanging basket or on a wall shelf! According to Tierra Plants, "the fronds or leaves of this fern can grow as long as two to three feet and four to six inches in width." 

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Cobra Fern from Pagbilan 

Instead of feathery fronds, this type of fern has tightly curled leaves that can liven up a dull corner in your home.

Lace Fern from Plants Manila

This lace fern plants with thin, delicate fronds is pet-friendly! 

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Maiden Hair Fern from Fern MNL 

What makes this lush fern stand out is its very tiny fronds. While it's definitely pretty to look at, this one is quite high-maintenance. Aside from being regularly misted, The Spruce notes that a maiden hair fern must be placed in shaded areas, and its soil must be kept damp but not soggy. "A humidifier or pebble tray can maintain optimal indoor growing conditions." 

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