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10 Surprising Things We Saw In These Local Celebrity House Tours

Guess who has a seven-ton rock in their house!

Admit it: You have been binge-watching all the celebrity house tours dropping on YouTube recentlyno judgment here! The rare peek into their houses has revealed a lot of cool little details about popular local starssome a little more unexpected than the restand so we're totally hooked. For this list, we round up a couple of the most fun items we spotted in Pinoy celebrity house tours, whether a nifty little feature or out-of-this-world furniture!


Here are 10 surprising things Filipino stars have in their homes:

Bea Alonzo has a "picture" of Anne Curtis in her home...

Here's a funny little "Easter Egg" that even Bea initially didn't know she had in her house! While giving a tour of her art-filled home, Bea showed off a collage by her friend and conceptual artist Gary-Ross Pastrana. The black-and-white piece appeared to be composed of cut-up pieces of a face, and it turns out the said "face" belongs to Anne Curtis. Bea shared that she did not know about the origins of the piece and was only told by Pastrana when he came over to visit and saw it on her wall.

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...and a TV in the bathroom.

In part two of her vlog, Bea took us to the upper floors of her house, including the awesome master bathroom. "Nothing fancy" she joked while suddenly remembering the chandelier above her bathtub. And that's not all! She talked about her perfume collection on the shelf in front of the tuband also did a cheeky smile as she slid away a partition to show a flat-screen TV. Bea shared that she used to spend a lot of time relaxing in the tub, so we imagine the TV was a great plus for the experience. Treat yourself!

Gabbi Garcia's dad has the perfect hidden man cave...

The young star gave everyone a tour of her family's home with boyfriend Kahlil Ramos tagging along as her all-around production crew! While all the cool pieces of shell-inspired furnitureincluding a little shell couch for their dogin their living room were eye-catching, it was her dad's awesome hideaway that had us drooling. A little room tucked above the garage and only accessible via a ladder and trap door serves as Vince Pena Lopez's man cave. With air-conditioning, TV, old van seats as a comfy couch, and his airsoft gun collection, we wish we had a private space as cool as his in our houses, too. Gabbi shares the rest of her family barely goes up there as the ladder is way too much of a hassleand we're pretty sure her dad wouldn't have it any other way.

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Vhong Navarro's two-storey shoe closet

We're putting this in here for the sneakerheads! You're sure to be green with envy thanks to Vhong's massive shoe collection-which is housed in a two-storey walk-in closet. The first floor is lined with sneaks from floor to ceiling, including coveted Kobe Bryant signatures from Nike, Yeezys, and even three fun pairs from Nike's Kyrie Irving x SpongeBob SquarePants collection. What's even cooler is that the staircase leading to the second floor is hidden behind a sliding mirrorand yup, each step doubles as storage space for more shoes!

Dominic Ochoa's impressive collection of vintage cars

Based on the house and its little details-a record player, antique furniture, and even his grandfather's old tumba-tumbait is clear Dominic loves old-school cool. But his vintage car collection is on another level! Dominic showed off his 1968 convertible Volkswagen Beetle, a 1978 Ford Escort, and a 1995 all-original Range Rover. Plus, he even shared that he still has (and uses) his old college car from 1993, gifted to him by his dad. Aww.

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Maris Racal's plants all have names-and so does her couch

Talk about being a plantita! Maris' tour through her modern and quirky home has a lot of fun details, including the fact that she names all of her (alive) plants. She also has two unnamed fake eucalyptus mini-trees in the living room-ironically flanking her beloved green couch, which Racal has christened "Melanie." According to Maris, she only has a few plants because they tend to die on her, so we can understand why she loves the ones that stay enough to name them!

Derek Ramsay's home has an elevator...

There are a lot of things to gape at in Derek's huge contemporary home. Apart from all the incredible art pieces from local artists such as Dominic Jenon and Jinggoy Buensuceso, he also has geometric Zaha Hadid couches we'd think twice about sitting on. Derek also has an elevatorwhich isn't unheard of in a residence, but still hard to fathom for the average person. Derek shared that he had it installed to make the house's upper floors accessible for his parents, whom he is trying to convince to move in with him.

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...and he had a seven-ton rock carried over to his lawn via a crane

"Why?" you might be asking, and honestly, same. While touring the junior master he built for his parents, Derek pointed out that the room had the best view of the garden, including a "malaking mahiwagang bato" weighing seven tons. It was so heavy they needed a crane to deposit it on his front lawn, he added. Unfortunately, that's all he said about the huge rock, leaving us all with so many questions.

Michael V. has an "NBA Corner" in his studio office

Strictly speaking, this isn't a house tour. But Bitoy's studio office is where we all see him in his vlog, so it was nice to get a look around when he posted a tour early in 2020. Also, we couldn't leave out his collection of NBA memorabilia-that includes a signed Kobe Bryant jersey, ball, and even sneakers! The massive toy collection he has on display is pretty impressive, too. See if you can name all the pop-culture characters in Bitoy's second home. 

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Alice Dixson has access to a "secret hideaway beach" from her Boracay home

Alice even referred to it as just one of many, so it looks like she has access to more than one sunny hideaway! The normally private "It" girl of the '80s gave us a peek into her clean, modern home on Boracay island-complete with an epic view of the bay. What takes the cake? When she decides to head out to the beach for a quick walk. Our beach-loving hearts are green with envy.