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13 Things Only People Allergic To Seafood Will Understand

Friends who talk about new seafood restaurants in front of you are bitches.

1. You never get to enjoy beach trips fully because you can NEVER taste what ~*fresh seafood*~ tastes like. *sigh*

2. And your friends never forget to remind you that you’re missing out. Yeah, okay, Miguel, it’s just SO sad that I don’t know what butter garlic shrimps and lobster taste like. I get it.

3. You always have to ask the waiter if what you just ordered has seafood in it. You order pancit only to realize that they used shrimp to make it. Which is why it tastes so good. Now it’s too late to return it. Yup, popping an antihistamine now.

4. That's why you never leave the house without your antihistamine pills or EpiPen. You’d go out without your phone, but never without these things that will literally save you. Oh, and when you go on a trip, they’re literally the first thing that you pack.

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5. When your friends talk about cool new restaurants that specialize in seafood, you just sit there and feel sad. Okay, yeah, I totally understand that the new shrimp place is life-changing and deserves to be named the Best Restaurant Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever, but I don’t know what shrimp really tastes like. So I guess I’m not missing out much?

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6. When your lips start tingling randomly, you begin to panic. And you backtrack everything that you ate. Literally everything. That omelet? That sandwich? That salad? Where did I go wrong? What did I do to deserve this?

7. You get anxious when you order food in a foreign country, especially if you don’t know how to ask them if it has seafood. They might have a sign that says it doesn’t contain peanuts, but how would I know if it has seafood? Help. Me.

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8. Getting covered in hives happens and you just sit there thinking “here we go again.” Hay.

9. It gets annoying when people doubt that you have allergies and think that you’re just faking it. Dude, honestly, if shrimp and crab are as good as everyone says they are, why would I deprive myself of them?!

10. You’re really careful about the things you eat. Your boyfriend is obsessed with trying new food, while you would rather order the safest thing on the menu. Oh, and you also take time to read labels on packaged food just to be safe! Being alive is always the better option, y’all.

11. Sometimes it gets awkward explaining to people that you can’t have seafood. Like that time your boyfriend’s mom cooked lunch for you two and you almost passed out when you saw that she had cooked chili prawns and seafood paella. You end up not knowing who to get pissed at—your boyfriend for not telling his mom about your allergies or his mom for not asking about it.

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12. It gets embarrassing how people always have to give you “special treatment.” Even if your friends make fun of you for your allergies, it’s quite nice that they think about you, too. Although it just gets so embarrassing how they ALWAYS have to take you into consideration when making and ordering food. "I'm sorry I was born this way!!!!"

13. You’ve had episodes of sitting in a restaurant and not being able to eat anything. Whose genius idea was it to bring you to a SEAFOOD RESTAURANT anyway?! By the looks of it, the only thing that can’t trigger your allergies or kill you is the water in the place.

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