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14 Things You Say To Justify Your Starbucks Addiction

"I need it to survive."

1. It's so nice out! You know what this day needs? Iced coffee. If a warm and sunny day passes and I don't go to Starbucks (once or twice) for an iced coffee, then that beautiful day basically never happened.

2. It's so gross out. I need a pick-me-up. If it's a cozy day, I need a cozy drink. So, yeah, pretty much any kind of weather is Starbucks weather.

3. Making coffee in the morning requires too much effort. Why get out of bed early to make a pot of coffee when I can grab Starbucks before work?

4. Spending almost 200 pesos a day on Starbucks won't hurt me. A morning cup of coffee is an investment in my productivity, and it's worth it. Note: Do not calculate what you spend on Starbucks in a year.

5. The more I drink, the faster I get my free drink. It's going to be worth it!


6. This is so much stronger than any other coffee. No, really, it is. I'm actually saving money because Starbucks is so effective.

7. This tea drink is so healthy and good for me. There are no calories in my green tea, and it's an antioxidant. Never mind the price. Hehe.

8. A midday Starbucks trip will make me the most productive human to ever exist. It doesn't matter that it's my second time at Starbucks that day; I'm going to be a better employee after I drink that latte.

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9. An iced caramel macchiato counts as breakfast. It's filling enough to feel like food and caffeinated enough to magically turn anyone into a morning person.

10. I deserve to treat myself. I packed a homemade salad for lunch, so I earned that Mocha Frappuccino with extra whipped cream.

11. If I don't go, my barista will wonder where I am. MY barista—you know, the one who has my order going as soon as I walk in the door. Grande coffee, extra hot, with one pump of vanilla and room for milk. They got me.

12. I would be cheating on Starbucks if I got my coffee elsewhere. I made a promise. Starbucks trusted ME.

13. It is the most convenient stop of my day. A Starbucks being on basically every corner of the world is proof that I am meant to go there all the time.

14. I need it to survive. It's that simple.

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