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16 Kitchen Hacks Every Cosmo Girl Should Know

These tricks will make your life SO much easier.

Cooking definitely has its perks. It lets us choose ingredients that are good for our body, and allot serving sizes so we won’t overeat or waste leftovers. P.S. It also means we get to host parties or prepare special dishes for our ~*special*~ someone!

But let’s face it: preparing food can be tedious and really, really messy. Sometimes Most of the time, the final product doesn’t even come out the way we expect it to! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it at all, especially with these the tricks to banish your kitchen struggles for good:

1. Use two plates to safely cut little tomatoes at once. Lay the tomatoes on one plate, then cover it with the other. Run a sharp knife through the gap while holding the top plate in place. (via

2. Speed up ripening by placing the fruit in a paper bag. The concentrated ethylene gas will make it ripen faster. (via

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3. Place raw eggs in a bowl of cold water to see if they’re still edible. If the egg sinks, it’s still okay. That means the liquid inside it hasn’t evaporated yet. (via

4. Rub vegetable oil on eggs before refrigerating them. This will keep eggs fresh for three or four weeks more. (via

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5. Peel the banana from the bottom up. That's how a monkey would eat it! No more struggles breaking the stem! (via

6. Refrigerate or freeze the onion for about 30 minutes before slicing it. This will prevent slicing onions from making you weep.

7. Peel a ginger with a spoon. Say goodbye to wasting ginger flesh from overtrimming with a peeler! (via

8. Make rich hot chocolate by melting supermarket truffles in hot milk. (via

9. Broken coffee maker? No worries. Boil coffee in a pot of hot water. Once the grounds have settled to the bottom, coffee’s ready! (via

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10. Ice the breast of poultry to cook the meat evenly. The dark thigh meat needs more time to cook than the white breast meat. (via

11. Place apple slices in a mixture of one part honey with two parts water, or just plain brine, to keep them from browning. (via

12. Scrub fresh fruits and vegetables with a mixture of water and baking soda to remove grime and pesticides. (via

13. Make your own buttermilk by adding 4 to 5 tablespoons of vinegar or fresh lemon juice to one cup of milk. (via

14. Make stale chips crisp again by microwaving them. (via

15. Grate the butter with a cheese grater or wrap the butter in plastic then flatten it with a rolling pin. This will soften butter ASAP! (via

16. Freeze soft cheese for about 30 minutes before grating them. (via

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17. Tap the lid against the table or smack it with a spoon to open a stubborn jar. (via

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