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These Vintage-Style Cakes With 3D Animal Toppers Are The Cutest Things You'll See Today

So adorbs!
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Hello! We're back at it again with more pretty cakes, and this time, we're going the more 3D route. As we were scrolling through Instagram, we spotted vintage-style cakes with the cutest and ~*chunkiest*~ frogs, bears, and bunnies as toppers, and we kid you not, our hearts melted at the sight of them, LOL!

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These 3D character toppers became popular on Pinterest and TikTok, where bakers would bake vintage-style cakes with pastel hues, huge peaks, and cursive writing. They would finish off their creations by creating toppers in the shape of frogs, bears, bunnies, and other animals right on top of the cakes. This particular design was also popularized by famous foreign Instagram bakeshops like @juujuucake and @oracle_bakery.

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In case you wanted to commission a cake with 3D character toppers for a special occasion, we've rounded up some *local* online bakeshops that offer this design. Check them out below:

Instagram Bakeshops That Offer 3D Character Cakes

  1. Dear Bonbon

    Follow them:

    Location: Merville, Parañaque

    Dear Bonbon specializes in vintage-style cakes, so if you want your birthday treat to look like it came straight from your childhood, this is the Instagram bakeshop to follow.

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  2. Sweetness by Tess

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    Location: San Juan

    Sweetness by Tess offers 3D character toppers on both vintage-style cakes and minimalist ones—the choice is up to you!

  3. Mid-Bake-Cakes

    Follow them: @brb.midbake

    Location: Visayas Avenue, QC

    Aside from 3D character toppers, Mid-Bake-Cakes also offers simple and complex sketches to really personalize your cake.

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  4. Aegyo Cakes

    Follow them: @aegyocakes

    Location: Quezon City

    One of the OG bakeshops that sell minimalist cakes, Aegyo Cakes now offers 3D character toppers, too!

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  5. Baked by Trimy

    Follow them: @bakedbytrimy

    Location: Quezon City

    Aside from old-fashioned cakes, Baked by Trimy can also accommodate more ~intricate~ designs that will make your cake look like artwork.

  6. yeppeo yum cakes

    Follow them: @yeppeoyumcakes

    Location: San Mateo, Rizal

    If you want something different than the usual frog or bear 3D toppers, you can choose a ~chunky~ 3D pig like this one from yeppeo yum cakes—so adorbs!

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