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5 Food Trends To Look Out For In 2015

Apparently eating insects is a normal thing now.
Featured tapped food experts to predict the food trends in 2015. Just a few things to expect on menus this year? Fats, soy, and...insects?

1. Natural, animal-derived fats.
Kara Nielsen, culinary director of the Boulder, Sterling-Rice Group, believes that people will get over their fat phobia this year. Expect your food to be loaded with butter and other high-fat dairy products.
2. Insect-powered food.
Have you ever wondered what grasshopper tacos or ant guacamole would taste like? No? Well, you'll taste those meals soon. Suzy Badaracco, the president of food trend consultancy Culinary Tides, believes insects will rise as a foodstuff in the U.S. far sooner than many expect.

3. Harissa
According to Maeve Webster, a restaurant analyst for market researcher Datamonitor, harissa—a spread made out of dried chiles, garlic, tomatos, caraway, paprika, coriander, and olive oil—will be the next best thing in sauces.

4. Millet (a.k.a. the next Quinoa)
Looking for a healthier alternative to white rice? Since quinoa was so 2014, you might want to try the next great grain, millet—the main ingredient in birdseed. Melissa Abbot, director of culinary insights at The Hartman Group says that it’s gluten-free, protein-rich, high fiber, and has a superfood quality all of its own. It also helps in reducing inflammation ideal for those with wheat allergies and sensitive digestion.

5. Peas
For protein-lovers, soy will be your best friend this year. Barb Stuckey, vice president at Mattson, one of the world’s largest food product developers, believes that soy will be big in 2015, because it's widely available and is a great source of protein. He suggests looking for pea protein in cereals, beverages, and protein bars.



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