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5 Things That Go Well With Wine

You'll love these #MoreThanTheUsual combinations!

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Love your vino? Aside from your usual cheese and chocolate pairings, why not try something new? Here are some of our favorite #MoreThanTheUsual combinations:

1. Wine and pizza

If cheese is something you just can’t give up, then pair your glass with an order of your favorite pizza. The wine’s sweetness will surely complement the earthy flavors of sausage and mushroom, the herby taste of tomato sauce, and the richness of melted cheese. (Yes, it is making us hungry AF, too!)

2. Wine and street food

Is there anything that screams adventurous more than this pairing? Go with your turo-turo staples—fish ball, squid ball, kikiam, isaw, betamax, or whatever floats your boat. Serve it on the fanciest plate you own, and pour yourself some vino. How’s that for a Friday night in?

3. Wine and ice cream

Soda floats are for kids. Real women go for wine floats instead! It may sound appalling, but this unusual combination really excites the taste buds. We recommend red wine with vanilla ice cream, sparkling wine with pistachio, and white wine with peanut butter.

4. Wine and Adele’s latest album

Just imagine this: you, a bottle of wine, a dim room, and Adele’s songs playing in the background. Doesn’t that just sound so *heartbreakingly* inviting? 

5. Wine and painting

Channel your inner Vincent van Gogh while having a sip of your favorite vino. It’s a really great way to get your creative juices flowing and de-stress after a tiring week at work. Plus, you never know what a wee bit of alcohol can do to your creative juices. 

If this is something you’ve been wanting to do, we have news for you! This August, Granny Goose is teaming up with the guys from Sip & Gogh, the country’s first paint & sip art studio, for the second leg of their #MoreThanTheUsual Experience. 

On-ground activities in malls will be happening on the weekends of August 6th & 13th,where you’ll be able to paint while enjoying your favorite Granny Goose snacks! So mark your calendars, Cosmo girls, because it will surely be a #MoreThanTheUsual Experience filled with extraordinary activities, prizes, and special guests!

Don’t forget to visit Sip & Gogh’s Eastwood & Ayala Heights branches for even more treats from Granny Goose! Maybe even pair your drink with unique Granny Goose flavors! Merlot & POP’N CHIPS, anyone?

Follow/Like @GrannyGoosePH on Facebook & Instagram. For more event details check out this page.

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