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6 Unique Cocktails You Need To Try For Your Next Girls’ Night Out

FYI: You can find these drinks exclusively in Uptown Bonifacio.
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Boyfriend trouble, work woes, or just plain ol’ garden-variety stress—whatever’s getting you down, the cure is pretty much the same: a night out with your girls. After all, there’s no better pick-me-up from the drama you’re going through than the support of your besties.

So, you’ve made plans and everyone has sent the enthusiastic “G!” in your group chat. But if your girl gang is anything like ours, we bet things go pretty much downhill after someone asks, “Saan tayo?” Cue: crickets chirping. This time, however, be that proactive friend who suggests heading to Uptown Bonifacio since it's crawling with several restaurants and bars that can satisfy your boozy needs.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to hit for your next hangout sesh with the ladies. You never have to hear those chirping crickets again.

1. Barcino Wine Resto Bar (Ground Floor, Uptown Parade)

Celebrating the best of Spanish cuisine, Barcino serves tapas, paella, callos, and other popular Spanish dishes. Pair them with a bottle of Spanish wine (or two, or three) or their famous Barcino Sangria Tinto. Made with Borsao Tinto Joven, this red wine cocktail is loaded with fresh orange and apple slices, and is just the type of drink you and your amigas will enjoy while catching up.

2. ¡Oye! Tapas and Grill (Upper Ground Floor, Uptown Mall)

Taste the best of both worlds as ¡Oye! brings Spanish-Filipino cuisine to the table. The rich, colorful decor is the perfect background for long conversations over dinner. Start with the Ensalada de Sandia and Quezo Azul y Jamon, then order the Fideua de Mariscos (think: spaghetti seafood paella—yum!). We hear the Oye Fried Rice (cooked in chicharon fat and sprinkled with bits of chicharon) is also a must-try. At ¡Oye!, it’s not just food you share with your friends. Their La Puñeta cocktail is a marriage of lemon, lime, mint, and vodka that's served in a fishbowl-sized glass.

3. B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Club (The Palace Complex, Uptown Parade)

In B.A.D., you can get drinks and the best hangover dishes all in one place. Open until the wee hours of the morning, the snazzy joint is the ideal spot if you’re just starting your get-together well into the night, or if your long-awaited heart-to-heart lasts all the way ‘til the A.M. After raising your Mango Daiquiri Shake (made with fresh mango, lime juice, simple syrup, and Bacardi), get your fill of comfort food like no other. Their Steak and Eggs, as well as their Bacon and Cheddar Waffle, is popular for obvious reasons. 

4. The Island (The Palace Complex, Uptown Parade)

If you and your girls are looking to let off some steam after a long week, this is the place. Check out their mini bars suited for every kind of boozy tribe: Coco Loco, The Rum Jungle, The Pelican, El Pirata Bottle Shop, and Super Papaya. If you’re feeling peckish, check out the Smoking Hut, Catch and Release, and The Big Kahuna for some grub to go with your tiki drinks.

Our drink recommendations? Forever a Bridesmaid, a silky, sour-style cocktail for your SSB friend. Mol Mol Ito, a mojito variation for your flirty pal, and Love You for Short Only, a creamy Thai iced tea laced with agricole for your recently broken-hearted friend.

If you still need an extra push for a well-deserved night out, watch this:

 Barcino Wine Resto Bar, ¡Oye! Tapas and Grill, B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Club, and The Island are at Uptown Bonifacio in Taguig. But if you and the girls need a drink ASAP right where you are, can deliver your favorite cocktails and drinks straight to your door within 90 minutes! Get P200 off your bill when you use the exclusive promo code UPTOWNBONIFACIO* upon checkout! Visit for more information.

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