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This Pinay Ordered Food For 7 Days And Here's What Went Down

And she actually saved a lot thanks to a food delivery “hack.”
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When you’re so busy — juggling deadlines, back-to-back meetings, rush tasks, and personal chores — you often don’t find the time to cook. It’s no surprise then that young professionals turn to food delivery apps like GrabFood come mealtime.

But let's not forget: ordering food every day may be convenient, but it can be hard on the pocket. This is why it’s amazing when you discover a “hack” to save money on often-used services like GrabFood — which is exactly what Reg Abellar did.

It’s simple, really. Reg, who works from home as a writer, subscribed to GrabUnlimited, Grab’s new subscription plan. As a new subscriber, she paid only P9 (it’s P49/month for the succeeding months), and for a week in October, she took advantage of the various GrabUnlimited-exclusive discounts, vouchers, and rewards!

Check out Reg’s experience with GrabUnlimited:

Day 1: SaladStop!

Food Picks: Tuna San Salad, Take Root Kale Chips Vegan Cheese

It was a Saturday night, and Reg said she felt like unwinding with a tasty dinner that won’t make her feel guilty afterward. She chose a delicious salad with thick slices of tuna from SaladStop, as well as cheesy kale chips for her late-night snack.

By subscribing to GrabUnlimited, she could enjoy free delivery, which let her subtract a maximum of P59 from the delivery fee after a minimum spend of P600. Take note, P59 is GrabFood’s standard delivery fee.

Day 2: Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Food Picks: Waffle and Chicken, 3 Strips of Bacon

Since she had errands to do in the morning, Reg decided to have an easy-to-eat meal. To prepare for a long day ahead, she ordered waffles and chicken, along with her — and everyone’s — fave, bacon! Reg brought her total down by using a GrabUnlimited voucher: P40 off with a minimum spend of P400.

Day 3: 8Cuts

Food Picks: Daily Steals 2: The Overload Bomb with Pepper Cream, Onion Rings, Lemonade

It was a Manic Monday, and Reg said she wanted a hearty lunch that could help energize her into finishing all of her work tasks. She chose a hearty rice meal and a delicious side dish from 8Cuts. She docked P10 from her total after getting rewards from GrabFood.

Day 4: Medley Modern Mediterranean

Food Picks: Beef Kofte Power Bowl, Protein Flapjack Bar, Ginger Mint Lemonade

By midday, most people would be feeling pangs of hunger from all the work they’d been doing. So, to keep herself fueled for the rest of the afternoon and still have energy for the gym later that day, Reg ordered a beef meal, a protein bar, and lemonade.

Here, she used two GrabUnlimited offers: a voucher for P40 off with a minimum spend of P400, and free delivery (maximum of P59 off) for a minimum spend of P600.

Day 5: Soban K-Town Grill

Food Picks: Woo Samgyup Dosirak, Gimbap, Soban Iced Tea

For Hump Day lunch, Reg chose a hearty Korean rice meal. She also got gimbap and a bottle of Soban iced tea, which she enjoyed as a snack later that day. Reg’s delivery fee cost P59, but with GrabUnlimited's free delivery (maximum of P59 off) for a minimum spend of P600, she didn’t have to pay for anything but her food!

Day 6: Marugame Udon

Food Picks: Katsu Curry, 2 pieces of Shrimp Tempura

When you’re almost at the end of the week, things can get hectic. Reg didn’t have time to whip up breakfast that Thursday morning so she decided to order her favorite comfort food for brunch. This time, Reg used the voucher for P40 off with a minimum spend of P400.

Day 7: Max’s Restaurant

Food Picks: Max’s Half Fried Chicken, Fresh Lumpiang Ubod, Garlic Rice, Leche Flan

It was finally the end of the work week! To celebrate, Reg ordered a hefty fried spring chicken and garlic rice dinner with lumpiang ubod on the side. And as a reward for hustling all week, she also got herself a decadent dessert! With GrabUnlimited's free delivery (maximum of P59 off) for a minimum spend of P600, Reg’s delivery fee went down from P71 to P12.

In case you’re wondering, GrabUnlimited’s free delivery offer is deducted automatically each time you order from GrabFood with a minimum spend of P600.

You can also easily access its other exclusive vouchers, discounts, and promos, and use them on top of the free delivery offer. Plus, the subscription plan entitles you to vouchers and discounts for GrabMart, GrabExpress, and GrabCar!

Even better, you can opt to have your GrabUnlimited monthly subscription debited automatically from your account. And if you change your mind, you can cancel anytime.

With the busy -ber months in full swing, you’ll want the convenience of ordering food from GrabFood. So, might as well save as much as you can with this convenient and hassle-free subscription plan!

Try GrabUnlimited and take advantage of all its perks and offers! Learn more here. Follow GrabFood on Facebook.

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