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7 Things All Foodie Couples Know To Be True

You love your bread, you love your butter, but most of all, you love each other.

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They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but what if you’re dating a full-fledged foodie? We guess cooking meals together is just the beginning of an exciting and delicious adventure! Here are seven things all foodie couples like you know to be true:

1. Most of your dates involve food.

For you guys, the formula for an amazing date is something like pizza + movie + snuggling. It’s as if you have a permanent third wheel whose name varies from one cuisine to another.

2. Letting him have the last bite/piece is a sign of true love.

You know your relationship has reached a whole new level when you not only offer him the last slice of pizza out of respect (because he paid for it), but genuinely want him to have it. If putting your beau’s craving before your own isn’t a sign of true love, we don’t know what is!

3. You have a restaurant bucket list.

Normal couples always have a hard time deciding where to eat, but not you two. You guys actually have a list of restaurants and cafes you’re itching to try, and have already decided which one you’re going to visit this week, the next, and the week after that.

4. You always share food articles with each other.

You tag him on every food-related post you see on Facebook—from that writeup about a newly opened hole-in-the-wall in BGC to that mouthwatering cheesecake tutorial. You even send him occasional screenshots of these posts, even though you know seeing them will only torture him in the middle of a busy workweek.

5. You tag each other on photos of your food.

You take a snap of your beef stroganoff, upload it on Instagram, and tag your beau. No wonder the ‘photos of me’ section of his IG account looks more of a menu than a normal feed!

6. You live by the unspoken rule of ordering different dishes.

Though you’ve never talked about it, you know that one order of chicken parmigiana is already enough for the both of you, and that the other should just choose a different dish altogether (preferably a non-chicken one). This way, you’ll get to try different food items without going broke.

7. The perfect monthsary gift is a no-brainer.

It’s food, of course! You can buy him a box of chocolates, pizza, or donuts, and you know he’ll be happy. Just a thought: Why not wrap these gifts before giving it to him? We’re sure he’ll find it hilarious!

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