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7 Hangouts To Try Along Lilac Street, Marikina

Trade your go-to brunch spot for something new!
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Discover Marikina’s mom and pop foodie destinations with pretty interiors and memorable dishes that are sure to give you a happy tummy.

We’ve rounded up the best spots on Lilac Street, if you’re in the mood for a day trip:

1. Empire Fashion Café

This chic establishment boasts both food and fashion. While waiting for your order, unleash your inner sartorial goddess as you browse through rare fashion finds. Don't forget to try their “freak” shake that's sure to keep your Instagram feed more colorful! 

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What to order: Spam Fries, Egg Waffles

2. Meatslut

Steak enthusiasts will love the fact that it’s easy on the pocket. What they serve is also "done well, not well done" as the restaurant's tagline puts it. The steaks are cooked sous vide, and theatrics are involved: The servers torch your meat before your eyes for a good two minutes—perfect for your next Instagram boomerang.

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What to order: 54 Degree Sirloin, The 72 Hours Rib Short Plate, and the Shrimps, Sausages and Corn

3. Miguel and Maria 

Marikeños Miguel and Maria Gloria, owners of their namesake restaurant Miguel and Maria, offer the best comfort food to warm the soul. Their dishes come in huge portions with reasonable prices, ensuring a hearty meal without breaking the bank. Aside from its cozy ambiance, the indie restaurant also serves craft beers from local brewers.

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What to order: Baby Back Ribs, Double Ultimate Burger, and Mac and Cheese

4. Pink Chiffon

Go on a sweet escape with the barkada at Pink Chiffon, a girly nook with cute interiors. Brought to you by the famous Gateau de Manille Bakeshop in White Plains, its mouthwatering cupcakes and desserts will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Salads, pastas, and other savory dishes are also on the menu, so your dreams of a fun tea party to hear the latest chika with girlfriends can now be a reality.

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What to order: Rocky Road Cupcake, Oreo Cheesecake

5. Singlish Cafe

Marikina has certainly stepped up its grub game with its signature Singaporean-Western restaurant Singlish Cafe. Enjoy the Lion City’s world-famous food offerings as East meets West in this posh space. You’ll thank us for this, lah.

What to order: Hainanese Chicken Rice, Roti Prata Sambal Spicy Burger

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6. Mylenes Ensaymada and Banana Cake

Channel your inner tita with friends on a relaxing Sunday brunch after a whole night of partying and debauchery. Mylene’s ensaymada comes in different flavors, with fillings such as Chocolate, Bavarian Cream, and Dulce de Leche.

What to order: Banana Loaf, Carrot Walnut variant

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7. Urban Street

Go on a real food trip as Urban Street offers bite-sized goodness from the streets of the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Mexico, among others. Beat the heat with their signature drinks in this fun and stylish hangout hub. Trust us, you need not go far for a foodie adventure with the girls! 

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What to order: Satay, Yakitori, and Nachos with Chili Con Quezo Dip

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