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5 Milky Cheese Bites For Only P60? We Can Eat It In One Sitting

So, so delicious!

Milky cheese doughnuts, a type of doughnut that contains melted cheese in the center and is coated in milk powder and powdered sugar, has been making waves in and around Metro Manila recently and we bet you've been dying to try it after seeing photos of the mouth-watering treat. If you're looking to taste-test the popular pastry without spending too much or having to get a big batch, check out the milky cheese bites from Baloy's Bakeshop. You can get five pieces of this bite-sized version of the doughnut for just P60!

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While most milky cheese doughnuts sport an elongated shape similar to bicho-bicho, this version comes in little balls no bigger than your palm (not unlike classic doughnut holes) with the same milky, powdery coating and cheesy filling. The size of these makes them a great way to try the dessert without having to stock your fridge with a huge batch; perfect if you live alone or would rather avoid having too many sugar pastries in the house!

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You can order milky cheese bites from Baloy's Bakeshop by sending a message to (0966) 537-0067.


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