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10 Bars In Makati For Your First Real Night Out In Forever

Here's to finding your next go-to bar, bb.
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Tired of frequenting the same old bars? Lucky for us all, new watering holes seems to be popping up everywhere. Not only are these new kids on the block giving us what we’ve always loved in terms of ambiance and aesthetics, but they are also offering carefully thought-through cocktails resulting in a leveling-up of the metro’s night life. Arguably leading the pack are the bars of Makati. 

  1. Dr. Wine

    Location: 5921 Algier, Poblacion
    For a great bottle of wine at less than P1,000, head to the aptly named Dr. Wine in Poblacion. Here, you can enjoy an Insta-worthy environment, or put the phone away and dig into the mouthwatering cheese and sausage platters that pair perfectly with your drink.

  2. Panaginip

    Location: 5779 Felipe St., Poblacion
    Tucked in the ultra-cool Tambai Alley, this dreamy (get it) bar foregoes the usual grittiness that Poblacion bars pride are known for. Instead the sleek, modern interiors andwait for itfreezing air conditioner levels, make this bar stand out from the others in the area. Playing only mid-century tunes and jazz, the music is also a far cry from the thumping bass levels bargoers are accustomed to.

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  3. Polilya

    Location: 5658 Jacobo St., corner Don Pedro
    Despite being tropical-themed and lit with pink neon lights, Polilya transcends garish and exudes cool. This is the place to be if you're looking for high-quality craft beer brewed locally. And as if that weren't enough, their bar chow is also a showstopper.

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  4. 78-45-33

    Location: LPL Mansion, San Agustin St., Salcedo Village
    This cool, crisp jazz bar has none of the pretentious airs of classy establishments. Instead, easygoing but well-thought out establishment gives the sense that you are in a warm, welcoming, and stylish friend's living room. A highlight of the bar is the '50s-era record player and shelves lined with playable vinyl. Oh, and the drinks aren't bad either!

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  5. Almacen

    Location: 5910 Matilde
    This Mexican-themed bar screams "PARTY TIME" with its colorful lights and photo booth. So grab a few friends and order a round of frosty Beer-Killas (a slushy cocktail sure to get even your most uptight friend out on the sprawling dance floor). Whether you like it or not, you’re bound to have a good time.

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  6. Buccaneers Rum & Cocktails

    Location: 5668 Don Pedro, Poblacion
    What better way to enjoy a rum-soaked night than at a pirate-themed bar? At Buccaneers, you’ll feel like you’re in Captain Hook’s party suite as you drink delicious cocktails from mini wooden barrels and lean on tables made to look like stacked pallets. You might even be convinced you’re on a ship when you see the rope nets slung from ceiling to floorbut no, you’re not at sea. That’s probably just the rum swaying you from side to side.

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  7. Ms. Gee

    Location: Don Pedro, Poblacion
    While Poblacion is arguably the hippest neighborhood in the metro, the strip of bars on Don Pedro Street just might be the hippest part of the neighborhood. And right in the middle of it all is Ms. Gee. This restaurant-slash-bar gets playful with Asian flavors and design details. Inspired by the bars of Hong Kong, Ms. Gee offers guests tea-infused gins and pork belly pica-pica in a neon red-lit room often packed to the gills with eager

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  8. Kartel Rooftop Bar

    Location: 5921 Algier
    Looking over the vast metro from the top of a roof never gets old. Much less when you’ve got a great drink in hand, with great company around you. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, head to Kartel. This bar gives you the only 360-degree rooftop view in all of Poblacion and great cocktails. Its laid-back ambiance invites hip crowds from around the city, making it a great place to meet new friends!

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  9. The Odd Seoul

    Location: Zentro Bldg, Kalayaan Ave
    Hidden inside a brightly lit, serene Korean Restaurant called Gaja, The Odd Seoul is a speakeasy that is dark, fun, and offbeat. Here, you can order popular Korean snacks like the heart-stopping K-Dog (a hotdog wrapped in french fries, and then deep fried). But of course, the drinks are the star. Try the Kimchi Sour, a soju-based cocktail that uses the classic Korean dish to give it a depth of flavor unlike any other.

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  10. Agimat

    Location: 5972 Alfonso Corner Fermina St., Poblacion
    With everything made from indigenous Filipino ingredients, this cool concept bar in the heart of Poblacion will not only give you a newfound appreciation of locally-sourced goodsit will also convince you that our homegrown talent might just have what it takes to show the world just how much we have to offer.

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