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11 Places To Check Out If You're Just Dying For Hot Chocolate

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/cafemarygrace, (RIGHT) Instagram/yardstickcoffee

To imagine a world without chocolate is akin to living life without contrast. It’s the primary building block of a million delectable desserts and pastries; the perfect sweet compliment to a savory profile. It can make any plain biscuit or cake into a luxurious and decadent treat when you bite into melted pockets or a creamy, silky ganache—and for a moment, it can almost feel orgasmic.

Simply put, chocolate makes life a hell of a lot better. When you had a crappy day, went through a breakup, didn’t get the promotion, or just on your period, chocolate is almost always the immediate craving for a pick-me-up. And when there’s an apocalyptic downpour outside that’s making you feel the blues, hot chocolate can feed your cold, damp, and dark soul like no other. Below, check out these hot chocolate spots around Manila to keep the nega vibes away.

  1. Tsoko.Nut Batirol 

    As the first Filipino tsokolate cafe, Tsoko.Nut Batirol uses locally grown cacao beans from a farm in Leyte for anything that has chocolate on the menu. FYI, A batirol is the wood whisk used to prepare hot beverages, like tablea hot chocolate or champorado, which is how the two are traditionally made. Try their Tsokolate Ah Batirol with their housemade Filipino desserts, like the Bibingka with Kesong Puti and Itlog na Pula or the Ensaymada with Quezo de Bola for a Filipino merienda.

  2. Yardstick Coffee 

    WHERE: Legazpi Village
    Anyone who loves coffee and practically sees it as a religion would be familiar with Yardstick Coffee. Their spot in Legazpi Village is a sanctuary for coffee enthusiasts and curious coffee drinkers alike, and gives one a glimpse of how many ways you can enjoy your morning brew and just how much you’ve been missing out (LOL). Yardstick is meticulous when it comes to their coffee, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when their hot chocolate is as carefully made as their signature brew. 

  3. K&L Cafe 

    WHERE: White Plains
    There’s no need to travel all the way to Baguio to enjoy the regional treats you can only find in the Summer Capital. K&L Cafe brings Baguio to Manila by offering a menu brimming with exciting dishes from the region, as well as your fave pasalubong often only found in the popular city. Since the weather in the Cordillera region is significantly cooler than in Manila, it wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t have a proper cup of bittersweet Hot Chocolate Tablea from Baguio—which K&L also serves at their cafe.

  4. PAUL Boulangerie et Patisserie

    WHERE: SM Mega Fashion Hall, BGC, PowerPlant Mall
    What started out as a family-owned bakery in Northern France, PAUL mushroomed into an international brand that continues to create quality breads and pastries for its loyal patrons. Their desserts and pastries are delicate and downright Instagrammable, but if you pair these with the PAUL Hot Chocolate, you’ll be in for an indulgent treat. Although their cocoa isn’t as thick in consistency as in other establishments, the benefit of its thinner blend is it leaves you more room to finish dessert. 

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  5. Mary Grace 

    While some pastry shops and bakeries offer one type of hot chocolate on the menu, Mary Grace ups the anty by providing a trove of different varieties. This isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with their OG cup of cocoa; it’s like they’re saying, “Oh, you like that? Well, here are other ways you can have your hot chocolate.” A word of caution: NEVER order any one of their hot cocoa without a side of their ensaymada or cheese roll, or else you’ll miss out on one of life’s greatest OTPs. 

  6. Le Petit Souffle 

    WHERE: SM Mega Fashion Hall, Century City Mall
    The cozy interiors of Le Petit Souffle seems like the perfect setting to enjoy a cuppa anything, really. When it comes to the menu, it has a rustic theme with a touch of youth and modern gastronomy. Each item is plated beautifully, including their hot chocolate. Made with Valhrona chocolate, the beverage is served in a glass cup on a wooden board, with a dollop of whipped cream sprinkled with cocoa powder on the side, madeleines, and a mini whisk for you to customize the desired consistency of your hot chocolate.

  7. Dulcinea

    If there’s one thing Dulcinea is known for, it’s their Churros con Chocolate. Before any other churreria opened in Manila, Dulcinea was the top churro, so to speak—and still is, when it comes to the classic sweet pairing. Since this is a listicle about hot chocolate, let’s focus on the warm chocolate dip. The consistency is thick and rich, almost like a syrup, but the flavor isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. The best part? They also have single servings of their Spanish Hot Chocolate you can enjoy on its own. 

  8. Xocolat 

    WHERE: The Promenade Greenhills, Katipunan
    Last year, Xocolat said goodbye to its former home, much to the grief of its regular patrons, as it moved right across the street, into a commercial building where they were able to expand their space but still keep its charm. Xocolat is known for its chocolate-infused dishes, so it’s a no-brainer that they have their own rendition of hot chocolate. The Taza de Xocolat is their best-selling, critically-acclaimed signature hot cocoa—a rich and decadent cup that can lift any downtrodden soul. If you can’t have sugar, no problem. The Taza de Xocolat can also be served sugar-free.

  9. Bizu Patisserie & Bistro

    WHERE: Greenbelt 2, Alabang Town Center, The Promenade Greenhills
    The Parisian-inspired patisserie has come a long way since its kiosk days in 2001. They have since expanded and improved their menu, including their hot chocolate. The Bizu Hot Chocolate still keeps it thick and dark form but is now served in a bigger cup instead of the former demitasse cup, which basically means more chocolate to go around and enjoy on a cool, cloudy day.

  10. La Creperie 

    WHERE: Salcedo Village, New Manila, Shangri-La Plaza, White Plains
    If you can’t decide which hot chocolate to order at La Creperie (it can happen—they have ~options~), then your safest if not best bet is The Angelina. This generous serving of thick hot cocoa comes with a side of dark chocolate couvertures to melt into the drink if you want a richer flavor and a side of whipped cream to balance out the profile. It’s practically a warm dessert all on its own, but we won’t keep you from ordering another dessert to go with it, either.
  11. La Maripili 

    WHERE: Ayala Malls The 30th
    It’s impossible not to fall in love with La Maripili at first sight. For one thing, the facade is clean and traditional, with its white wooden panels and floor-to-ceiling windows. For another, the scent of butter in the air as soon as you step in will immediately make you think of crusty fresh-baked bread and flaky pastries. But what La Maripili is known for are their churros paired with their signature hot chocolate. It’s a decadent, not overly sweet chocolate dip for your churros and a creamy chocolate soup for your soul. 

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