Here Are 10 Lechon Restaurants To Treat Yourself To

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It's been dubbed as one of the best dishes in the world by food encyclopedia Taste Atlas, and it's the centerpiece at every Filipino celebration. There's no question that Filipinos love their lechon, whether it's the Cebu variety or if it comes in pork belly form. There's numerous lechon restaurants right here in the metro, so we've narrowed down 10 of the best and most popular.

  1. Sabroso

    If you're looking for something that packs a ton of flavor, you'll find it at Sabroso. Their roast pig comes with a crunchy and salty skin, layers of fat, and really juicy and tender meat. Their pigs are seasoned with tons of lemongrass, resulting in a roast pig that doesn't need to be doused in sauce.

  2. Lydia's

    Lydia's Lechon started in the 1960s from a small stall in Baclaran and now, it has at least 20 branches in the Metro. The chain still uses the same old family recipe from when it started. They prefer to let the pig's natural juices shine, so Lydia's uses a mild seasoning for their pork. The lechon pairs well with their signature sarsa, a savory liver sauce that can actually stand on its own as ulam.

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  3. Elar's Lechon

    If you're looking for lechon while on a budget, Elar's Lechon is your best bet.  A serving of their lechon with a cup of rice will only set you back P150. The pork is extra tender with an almost melt-in-your-mouth quality. Their sauce is a standout as well, being a perfect complement to the meat.

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  4. Zubuchon

    It's been called the "best pig ever" by the late Anthony Bourdain. This Cebu export's pig is stuffed with 15 different kinds of herbs and spices and roasted over hot coals for nearly four hours. The result is a lechon that comes with a ton of flavor and a crackling crispy skin.

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  5. Rico's Lechon 

    Many were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Rico's Lechon to Manila, and it's safe to say that it didn't disappoint. The chain's Manila branches retains its Cebu recipe, being roasted for over four hours as well to help achieve that crisp brown skin and tender meat. If you're hoping to expand your palate, make sure to try out their Spicy lechon. It's stuffed with a spicy garlic mixture that helps provide a nice kick of heat.

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  6. Hukad Golden Cowrie 

    Although this restaurant's lechon comes in a pork belly form, it's just as good as any whole roasted pig. Hukad Golden Cowrie's lechon belly makes use of a classic Cebu recipe. The pork belly is stuffed with all sorts of traditional aromatics, like lemongrass, scallions, and bay leaves. Its skin is also extra crispy and comes with a thin layer of fat.

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  7. Ulcing's

    Long before the arrival of Cebu favorites like Rico's and Zubuchon, there was Ulcing's. This lechon has been around for more than 30 years, thanks to their moist, well-seasoned lechon that comes with a golden brown, crunchy skin. The meat is good enough on its own, but they're also willing to give you some vinegar to help elevate the flavors.

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  8. Mila's Lechon

    If you're not too sure about what kind of lechon you want, head on over to Mila's, which serves up different kinds of lechon. You can take your pick from regular plain lechon, Cebu lechon, and even a Lechon paella! They all might taste differently, but they all come with a crunchy skin and a mild lemongrass flavor that’s kind of hard to find anywhere else. Here's a fun fact: Mila's breeds its own native pigs for their lechon!

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  9. The Lechon Shop

    This small stall in Tomas Morato experiments by creating a stuffed pig, which they've dubbed as a Carnivore Lechon. It's filled with all sorts of goodies like rosemary, garlic, bacon, potatoes, and sausages, making any meat lover feel satisfied. Their classic lechon is worth a try too, thanks to its juicy meat and crunchy skin.

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  10. General's

    If you've never heard of Negros-style lechon, then it's really worth driving all the way to Makati to get a taste from General's. Their pigs always come perfectly seasoned, with herbs and spices like lemongrass, onion leeks, and garlic. They have four kinds of lechon on their menu, the classic Original, the spicy Curry, the flavorful Garlic, and the Chili-Garlic.

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