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13 Sangrias In Manila For Anyone Who Just Wants A Happy Buzz


If you think wine is boozy enough, then you probably shouldn’t have sangria. The problem with that is you’d only be missing out on one of the most enjoyable cocktails the world has ever known.

Sangria is like the fun and quirky alter-ego of wine and the more sophisticated cousin of the fruit punch staple at your family parties. But the best part about sangria is that it’s especially meant to bring people together, no matter what the occasion—it’s one of those cocktails that are easily made in big batches. Below, the best places around Manila to get your sangria fix.

  1. Alegria Cozinha Moderna & Sangria Bar

    It’s only appropriate to start the listicle with a locale that literally has the phrase “sangria bar” in its name. The Portuguese-inspired restaurant, nestled at the top floor of a Uniqlo store in BGC, whips up Latin American cuisine with just a touch of Asian fusion in its vibrant menu selection. But, of course, we came here for the sangria, and their selection does not disappoint. Alegria offers nine—repeat: NINE—different types of sangria, which is probably analogous to the nine drunken states you could end up in no matter which one you choose. Without giving too much away, here are four of the signature Alegria sangrias: Amora (the classic and best-seller), Litchi (a sweet and floral and almost dainty mix), Maracuja (a tart and tropical drink witha kick of rum), and La Quica (a playful and fruity combo).

  2. Barcino

    The long-standing Spanish restaurant may very well be one of the first establishments that informed the Manila crowd of the existence of the sublime wine cocktail and is quite possibly where most locals had their first swig of it, too (at least, that’s where I had mine, and you never forget your first *wink*). Their food selection is impeccably Iberian, full of fragrance and complex flavors, and that’s exactly what you should expect from their five sangria options. The Barcino Sangria Tinto is the signature crowd-favorite made with Barsao Tinto Joven; the Barcino Sangria Blanco is the Tinto’s lighter and sweeter equivalent but still loved by many; the Forest Sangria is a white-wine-based cocktail with an herby and fruity profile; the Tropical Sangria gets its name from its balance of tropical fruity flavors; and the Paradise Sangria is a refreshing take on the classic red, combining fruits, herbs, and a splash of spritz.

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  3. Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas

    Pronounced peen-chos and literally meaning “toothpick food,” Bar Pintxos focuses on an exquisite selection of tapas-style dishes, some of which are Spanish favorites, while others are more inspired creations with innovative flavors. Complement their tapas menu with their housemade sangria, and you have yourself a night well spent. Their sangria is based from a family recipe that makes use of triple sec and brandy that help give the cocktail its body, but what makes this sangria extra special is how they macerate the fruits overnight to wring out the juices and maximize the flavor.

  4. Gorda

    With a name that literally translates to “fat lady,” it’s almost telling that you’ll have no choice but to fill up with every delicious bite the Filipino-Mexican restaurant has to offer. Gorda’s interiors resembles that of a cantina, one you may find along the streets of Mexico City. Its menu is an imaginative combination of Mexican and Spanish influences: imagine beef estofado, ensalada, jalapeno atchara, and cheese sauce made from local keso slathered on tortilla chips, and that’s what you’ll get from their Mama’s Nachos. How about their libations? If we’re talking sangria, say salud with either their Sangria Blanco made with lychee liqueur, rosemary essence, and fresh orange, or the Sangria Rojo made with fresh oranges, apples, and cognac.

  5. Rambla

    It’s a romantic setting when you step into Rambla’s second branch located in Salcedo Village, Makati. The high ceilings and mirrored walls make the space even look bigger, while the chic furniture and dim-lit fixtures make it feel cozy and intimate—perfect for a night out with *your favorite person.* Their menu is a sophisticated set of Spanish-inspired dishes that blend traditional cooking with modern gastronomy. It’s an unforgettable adventure to the senses, especially your taste buds, especially when you gulp it down with their curated Chiringuito Sangria.

  6. Lan Kwai Speakeasy

    If there were a concept that inspired the now-bustling, neon-lit, narrow streets of Poblacion, it would have to be Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong. It’s one of the most popular spots for nightlife in HK, as well as a melting pot of mouthwatering eats for hungry night owls—this is what Katipunan’s Lan Kwai Speakeasy brings to the table. Their menu can easily fit into a student’s budget (they are situated in a university district, after all), but that doesn’t mean they scrimp on quality. The speakeasy offers three sneaky sangrias that’ll hit you before you even notice: the Classic Sangria, paying homage to the traditional Spanish cocktail; the Passionfruit Sangria, which has a tart but sweet flavor; and the Mango Sangria, a fruity concoction you might easily gulp down in a half hour.

  7. Tomatito

    It’s like an “ooh, ahh” moment when you walk into the sexy, 80s-inspired interiors of Tomatito in BGC. The red lights are ever seductive, either persuading you to appeal to your hunger and order tapas or succumb to your urges and order more drinks during your hot date—but it could also do both. Indulging on their menu selection might make you want to dance the flamenco, and their cocktails are no different. It’s important to note that their sangrias are off the Jarras menu, so don’t be surprised when your order of their boozy Red Sangria shows up in a pitcher. This is your moment to woman-up.

  8. Prima Facie

    Latin for “first impressions,” this could be an ideal choice for your first date with your online match, but that’s if you can find it first. Located within another bar called Vitto’s in Tomas Morato, you can find Prima Facie by entering through a false wall with the mural In vino veritas, in cervesio felicitas (“In wine there is truth, in beer there is happiness”)—the only thing that’s missing is a password to enter. The interiors boast of art deco panels and plush furniture, and their drinks menu is highly impressionable. They offer both traditional iterations of sangria: The White Sangria is made with light rum, white vermouth, peach liqueur, pineapple syrup, and thyme, while their Red Sangria comprises of spiced rum, rosso vermouth, creme de cassis, and spiced apple syrup.

  9. Nikkei

    The marriage between Japanese and Peruvian cuisine is a romance one might not understand at first glance, but at Nikkei, they seem to make it work. Patrons can get their sushi fix from Nikkei, but expect some interesting twists on your usual sashimi and ceviche orders. When it comes to their cocktails, a sangria might be an unseemingly mismatched item, but what makes this particular wine cocktail different isn’t which red or white wine they use—it’s neither. Instead, they pay tribute to traditional Japanese sake wine (it has wine in the name, so it still counts, right?) by combining it with cachaca, citrus, and other juices to create one unconventional sangria.

  10. Las Flores

    There’s a rustic vibe that’s immediately felt as soon as you step inside Las Flores. The interiors are primarily composed of wood panels, metal accents, leather furniture, and ornate yet homey decor. Las Flores’ menu is inspired by Spanish cuisine, but it focuses on Catalan influences for a different take on the familiar cooking. If you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, they offer Sangria Blanca and Sangria Rojo depending on just how good or down in the dumps you’re feeling after a long day of work.

  11. CDP Global Table

    A vacation may not fit your budget at the moment, CDP Global Table serves you rich and colorful dishes from New York and Paris—with love. CDP, which is the acronym for Chef Du Partie, offers small plates with big flavors, but that’s only to make sure you leave space in your belly so you don’t miss out on other menu items you might want to try. At the end of your meal, order the Spicy Mango White Sangria (made with gin, martini bianco, and spicy mango syrup) as a souvenir for your mini food trip around the world.

  12. Refinery

    All-day breakfast menus are a godsend especially when you’re deadass drunk during the hours past midnight. But a coffee shop and a wine bistro in one spot, plus breakfast all-day? You may never leave for anywhere else, TBH. The ideal place for a perk-me-up or a nightcap, Refinery offers a well-curated menu, from hearty dishes, unique coffee drinks, to smooth AF cocktails. If it’s unbearably warm outside, head to the cafe/bistro for their refreshing frozen sangrias. The official namesake is made with red wine, mixed berries, and orange liqueur, while the Frozen White Sangria has white wine, lychee, and orange liqueur.

  13. Bueno Tapas & Wine

    Tucked away just a few kilometers south of the Ortigas district lies a cozy establishment by the name of Bueno Tapas & Wine. The interiors are playful and rustic, with dark wood, metal fixtures, and mosaic tiles decorating the walls. The menu offers a generous serving of heart-eyes-emoji Spanish dishes—the Paella de Marisco y Pollo is a surefire hit, especially if you love a good layer of tutong when you clear the pan, and the Tenderloin Beef Salpicao is already enough description to make you drool in hunger. Wash it all down with a swig of their Bueno Sangria, their bright red and fruity rendition of the Spanish cocktail.


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