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Just A Few Cafes In BGC Perfect For A Coffee + Catch-Up Best Friend Date

Coffee? Check. Chismis? Check.

BGC has a reputation for being one of the best places to experience the nightlife in the metro. But if you’ve been there other than the wee hours of the night, you’d know that is also the proud home of some of the best cafes in the country. 

  1. % Arabica (Photo by Cereaal Studio)

    % Arabica is a Japanese specialty coffee shop that first opened its doors in 2018. And since then, they have quickly become a crowd favorite and with good reason. Apart from the zen-inspired interiors that make for the perfect hangout spot (they have WiFi, too!), their coffee, which is used with the same kind of beans as their Kyoto branch, is definitely the only reason you need to visit. And if you ever decide to, you can even bring yourself home a bag of fresh beans which they can roast for you on-site.

  2. Caffe Freddo

    If you’ve been dying to try Brooklyn’s famous Bluestone Lane coffee, then you’ll be thrilled to find out that Caffe Freddo uses the same premium beans to brew their coffee. They also offer an all-day European-inspired brunch menu by Swiss fine-dining chef, Markus Gfeller, to pair with your drink. Our picks: Three Hummus or Avocado Tartine and Ube Pancake.

  3. Elephant Grounds

    Despite being an international franchise of the Hong Kong-based brand, the branch here in the Philippines adopted the laid-back vibe of their Hong Kong branch while combining it with the flavors of Manila. While you can still get your hands on their famous ice cream sandwiches and coffee, you can also enjoy the branch’s specialty Filipino-inspired brunch dishes.

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  4. Harlan + Holden Coffee

    If you’re someone looking for a quick and simple cup of coffee, then Harlan + Holden’s very own coffee shop is the way to go. The great thing about the cafe is that they offer a cashless payment system in-store by using the self-checkout tablets and allow customers to place their orders in advance through their mobile app. This way, you can have more time for chikahan.

  5. Malongo Atelier Barista

    Malongo Atelier Barista started out as a small coffee shop in Nice during the 1930s. Now, it’s a global leader in fair trade coffee and bio-coffee and is considered a French Living Heritage Company. Meaning, if anyone can get coffee right, it would be them. While their premium organic coffee is definitely a must-try, don’t leave without trying their French pastries to pair with your cup of coffee.

  6. Habitual Coffee

    Though their BGC branch is the smallest of the three, Habitual Coffee in Uptown Mall still exudes the same warm and cozy atmosphere as their other two branches. But if we’re speaking strictly coffee, there’s no doubt that they stand out from most coffee shops because of their dedication to only serve hand-brewed coffee with the use of an AeroPress, an alternative coffeemaker that arguably makes the best coffee compared to conventional ones like an espresso machine.

  7. Tim Hortons

    There’s no need to fly all the way to Canada to get your hands on their favorite coffee chain; you can experience the famous Double-Double and Timbits right at its very first Southeast Asian branch in Uptown Mall. You’ll even be pleased to know that the chain offers the same menu that they have in Canada so you’re free to enjoy their other iconic comfort classics.

  8. Caravan Black

    Apart from serving great handcrafted coffee, Caravan Black takes pride in offering a selection of tasty sandwiches and pasta that keep regulars coming back. With so many cafes popping up in the metro, you’d probably wonder why they’re still a go-to for many. Not only do they put in a lot of thought to every cup and dish but they also have something to offer for everyone. Did I mention that they also have coffee cocktails?

  9. Bake House

    The Bake House is Shangri-La at The Fort’s latest addition to the dining scene. And as glamorous and intimidating as that sounds, the cafe was designed to be a place where people are welcome to come in, hang out, and enjoy a good cup of joe and freshly-baked pastries at an affordable price. The best part about the whole brand is that they’re grounded in the philosophy of consciously reducing food waste and their carbon footprint. And if that wasn’t enough reason for you to see what they have to offer, their extensive menu is all-natural and trans-fat free. Meaning, you can indulge in their selection of pastries with less guilt.

  10. Aivee Cafe

    Though Aivee is better known as a beauty and wellness clinic that many celebrities and influencers flock to, you’d be pleasantly surprised with what their cafe has to offer. Many people equate healthy eating with bland and unappetizing food but Aivee Cafe is set on breaking this stereotype. So if you feel like eating healthy for a change without feeling deprived of delicious food, drop by for a visit.

  11. Single Origin

    If there’s any cafe in BGC that you can stay in for hours on end, Single Origin comes on top of the list. While their single-origin brewed coffee is definitely one of the highlights of the brand, the coffee shop transforms into a cozy and warm bar at night. And best of all, they make a pretty damn good meal.

  12. Olivia and Co.

    The name Olivia and Co. was inspired by Stamford Raffles first wife, Olivia. And if there’s anything she’s notable for, it’s her love for traveling, which is why it only makes sense that the shop devotes their time into playing with flavors from around the world. Things you shouldn’t miss out on: Fisherman Squid Ink Pasta and their Lattes that are designed with the cutest foam art!

  13. MOKA

    If you’ve been to BGC lately, it’s most likely not long until MOKA becomes your new favorite place to be. Not only did they hit the nail on cafe aesthetics but you won’t even have to try too hard to love what they have to offer. Since they’re fairly new, you can try their signature item, the Salt Coffee and pair it with their Vanilla Creampuff or your choice of cake or cookies.

  14. Toby’s Estate

    This cult-favorite Australian chain that specializes in handcrafted coffee has been in the game for quite some time now. With a total of six branches, Toby’s Estate has only proven that they’re one of the more renowned third-wave coffee shops in the country that continues to provide artisanal coffee while keeping their hip yet sophisticated identity alive. Their BGC branch is no different and they fit perfectly right in the vibrant and thriving neighborhood filled with caffeine junkies and Bucky’s lovers on-the-go.

  15. Hello Kitty Cafe

    The first thing you’d expect at the Hello Kitty Cafe is to see everyone’s favorite childhood Japanese cat plastered everywhere. But apart from reliving your childhood memories and getting hit with a sudden pang of nostalgia, the Hello Kitty Cafe is every sweet tooth’s dream. They serve the cutest and most Instagrammable drinks, cakes, and pastries that make it hard to decide whether you actually want to eat it. But if you ever do decide to dine at this unconventional yet adorable cafe, get ready to be pleasantly surprised.


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