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You Survived The First Half Of 2019 And You Deserve Some Good Food

The best part? These places have servings that are good for sharing.
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Let me paint you a picture: You drag yourself out of bed before the sun is even up, walk out of your house to call a tricycle or catch a jeep that is the first of three modes of transportation you'll be using to get to work today, and spend your commute either putting on makeup or scrolling aimlessly through your Facebook feed. When you get to the office, you're sweating and barely on time, but the day starts almost immediately. For lunch, you eat your baon or if you didn't have time to make it, you run to the nearest convenience store to buy the most affordable food there. The rest of your day feels long, and at the end of it, you'll have to endure a killer commute again

If so many of your days look like this, take a breath. Despite this crazy routine, you've done so much this year. 2019 hasn't been a breeze but surely there are so many things to celebrate, so many accomplishments to be proud of. And if you haven't had time to congratulate yourself for showing up every day, promise yourself you will when your next paycheck comes—yes, we're talking about feasting on some good food. Treat yourself to a great meal at any one of these fantastic restaurants. 

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Soban K-Town Grill

ICYMI, Soban K-Town Grill, a personal favorite of mine, opened another branch at Megamall, and they're offering what is surely going to be your next obsession: A ~*Mega*~ Meat BBQ Set for two people, which includes a large serving of fresh Woo Samgyup, a large serving of fresh pork belly, a small serving of Samgyupsal or Dak Galbi (choice of any flavor), with a maximum of two unlimited white rice, soup, and unlimited side dishes (P500/person). At Soban, they don't skimp on the side dishes: pamuchim (leek salad), gyeranmari (egg roll), gamja sarada (potato mash), myeolchi bokkeum (roasted peanuts with anchovies), kongnamul (seasoned beansprouts), and homemade kimchi.

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Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

Flossom also opened another branch; they're now in SM North Edsa! Their second location is as warm and beautiful as the first, and you'll no doubt bloom after you taste their new menu. While the day ones are still there—hello, Truffle Egg Croissant; what's up Ube Champorado—they've also added a lot more than my heart could handle. And honestly, they can experiment all they want, but those butter pancakes need to stay. 

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The Canton Club

The brainchild of Camille Co, The Canton Club is perfect for anyone who's craving good Chinese food in the south. They offer the classics like, Sweet and Sour PorkBroccoli with Beef, dim sum, and of course, fried rice! What's even better is that they have vegetarian options, in case you want something healthier for the day. The Canton Club also came up with an extra cute lunch set—in actual kits (P380)—that'll worth be worth the trip if you're coming from the north! 

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The Canton Club is located at Molito Lifestyle Center, Madrigal Avenue, Alabang.

Salvatore Cuomo Café

Cheese and carbs: Can you think of a more perfect pair? This cafe just opened at The Podium. It promises all the magic of their usual culinary offers but at a more reasonable price point. You'll be able to see this reflected in their interiors as well—everything is more relaxed and accessible. Though they've made a few changes to engage a new audience, their famous Napoli-style pizzas are still there to blow your minds. 

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