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Where To Buy Delicious Biryani, Our Latest Food Obsession

When was the last time you had really good biryani?
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Sometimes, I catch myself looking out my window and wondering when I'll be able to enjoy Royal Indian Curry House's biryani again. ICYDK biryani is a popular rice dish in Persian and South Asian cultures (its origin is up for debate). They key ingredient is rice, but biryani usually has some type of meat—beef, chicken, mutton, fish, prawns, to name a few—as well as spices and aromatics.

They all work together to create this beautiful, deep, layered dish. Caramelized onions, nuts, and dried fruits are sometimes used as garnish. So if you're just as hungry as I am after reading that, here's where you can order mouthwatering biryani in Manila. 

Royal Indian Curry House

Check out this prawn biryani from Royal Indian Curry House! They also offer other biryani dishes if you prefer a different kind of meat. And if I can get personal for a moment, all their dal dishes will change your life, so I suggest you add this to your order, too!

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To order, send them a direct message via Facebook or call (0945) 189-3996

Halal Kitchen

I've been seeing Halal Kitchen's biryani all over social media. They offer chicken, shrimp, chicken + shrimp, and fish biryani—in barkada and family meals! Drool over their entire menu here

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To order, contact Halal Kitchen at (0977) 480-1763.

Masala Makers

An online caterer, Masala Makers offer a slightly different menu for each batch of food that they make. They've had chicken biryani, lamb biryanichicken tikka biryani, and shrimp biryani. Who knows what else they have up their sleeve, so make sure to keep an eye out for their updates! 

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To order, send a completed order form via Facebook or Instagram

Biryani Experience

If you want an other worldly experience, pre-order any of the following: They have chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetable biryani! Biryani Experience also offers buttered chicken that everyone's been raving about. 

Tikka Tikka

Tikka Tikka has a biryani ~*series*~, you guys: chicken tikka biryani, chicken breast biryani, beef biryani, prawn biryani, t-bone steak biryani, and salmon biryani. All of these come in solo and duo servings. 

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To order, send them a direct message via Facebook or call (0917) 828-1565.


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