Everything Is Blue At This 'Avatar'-Inspired Resto In Singapore

It'll be like stepping into Pandora.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/mrseanfoo, (RIGHT) Instagram/herecomesgin

The young entrepreneurs who gave us Platform 1094—the restaurant that serves actual goblets of fire—has opened another movie-themed restaurant in Singapore.

Blue Willow is inspired by the movie Avatar, and it's honestly so gorg. 

The restaurant serves Western/fusion dishes, and all the blue foods are naturally colored with "butterfly pea." 

Neytiri's Blue Pancake Stack

Blue Willow’s Barramundi 

Tea by Lupica

Plus, they have drinks called Blood of Navi (chai tea with blood orange) and Potion of Pandora (butterfly pea tea, elderflower, and a hint of lime juice). Blue Willow is also the "only bar and bistro in Singapore licensed to bring in and sell the world's first blue-colored wine, Gik."

Drop by Pandora the next time you're in SG!

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