Everything Is Blue At This 'Avatar'-Inspired Resto In Singapore

It'll be like stepping into Pandora.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/mrseanfoo, (RIGHT) Instagram/herecomesgin

The young entrepreneurs who gave us Platform 1094—the restaurant that serves actual goblets of fire—has opened another movie-themed restaurant in Singapore.

Blue Willow is inspired by the movie Avatar, and it's honestly so gorg. 

The restaurant serves Western/fusion dishes, and all the blue foods are naturally colored with "butterfly pea." 

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Neytiri's Blue Pancake Stack

Blue Willow’s Barramundi 

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Tea by Lupica

Plus, they have drinks called Blood of Navi (chai tea with blood orange) and Potion of Pandora (butterfly pea tea, elderflower, and a hint of lime juice). Blue Willow is also the "only bar and bistro in Singapore licensed to bring in and sell the world's first blue-colored wine, Gik."

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Drop by Pandora the next time you're in SG!

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