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OMG! Brown Sugar Milk Tea Ice Cream Exists!

Yes, WITH pearls!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/jyun791004, (RIGHT) Instagram/fattypie_eating/

Ever since Tiger Sugar stepped foot in the Philippines, the love and appreciation for brown sugar milk tea have been thriving. Even milk tea spots that didn't traditionally serve brown sugar drinks jumped on the bandwagon. 

But Taiwan is operating on another level because apart from introducing milk tea to the world, they now also have your next obsession: brown sugar milk tea ice cream

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A Taiwanese company called Xiao Mei launched brown sugar milk tea ice cream—and yes, it comes with pearls! The inside layer of the ice cream has fresh milk, and it's wrapped with a delicious layer of brown sugar syrup! 

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Every box comes with four pieces and is priced at NT$96 (P162), meaning each stick should only come to around P40-P41

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These are available in mini marts and groceries across Taiwan so keep an eye out the next time you visit. 

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