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Where To Go For Last-Minute Barkada Christmas Reunions

Good food + good company!

1. Sunnies Café

You haven’t truly lived if you haven’t eaten at Sunnies. Trust us, it’s worth all the hype. Plus, they serve cocktails! ;)

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What to get: Crispy Tacos, Pan-seared Miso Salmon, and literally any of the milkshakes

2. Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie

You get to beat your dessert—we imagine that can feel therapeutic. That’ll surely make your reunion interesting.

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What to get: Schneeballen, Bistecca Florentine, and Porkchop with Mustard Cream Sauce

3. Stories by Lilypad

Located in Quezon City, this new café has a gorgeous outdoor patio. You won't regret reuniting with your besties and creating more memories at Stories by Lilypad. 

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What to get: Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Tomato Soup, Grilled Chicken & Lime Pesto Pasta

4. Café I’m Here

This café knows how to keep things light and playful. They have indoor tents and bean bag chairs, for crying out loud!

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What to get: Congo Mongo, Chocolate Bread, Café Mocha

5. Kandle Café

Spacious + laid-back = PERFECT for a long catch up sesh with your squad!

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What to get: Arroz Caldo, Pampano Pasta, Mr. Egoy & Ms. Eggy Pasta

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