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10 Celebrities On Their *Weird* Food Cravings During Pregnancy

From extra chocolatey brownies to Tabasco on everything...

When it comes to pregnancy, it's safe to say that many expectant mothers experience a whole myriad of side effects (most of which are completely normal and nothing to worry about). From swollen hands and feet, to skin changing color, the influx of hormones to the body (and the whole, y'know, casual act of growing an entire human) can also be accompanied by another classic: cravings.

Not only do pregnant women often experience cravings for specific foods, the NHS website explains that it's common to suddenly go off some of your favourite meals too. "During early pregnancy, you may find you no longer like some foods or drinks you used to enjoy," it says. "You might [also] notice you crave new foods [or] you lose interest in certain foods or drinks you used to enjoy, such as tea, coffee, or fatty food."

Whilst most are harmless, the NHS does also say while "cravings come in all shapes and sizes," on some occasions they can be an indication of a vitamin deficiency. For example, if what you're craving isn't exactly food (e.g. coal, toothpaste and even soil). If this is the case, or you're worried about any aspect of pregnancy, the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor.

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And of course, when it comes to pregnancy cravings, celebrities are no exceptionand many have delighted their fans by openly discussing how their tastebuds have changed as a result of carrying a baby. From extra chocolatey brownies to Tabasco on everything, these are some of the odder celebrity pregnancy cravings we've heard of.

Kim Kardashian

During her second pregnancy with son Saint, the reality star apparently craved both sweet and salty snacks. Kris Jenner, her mom, told Extra"She likes sweets right now. She probably shouldn't eat too many sweets... but she loves all my desserts." Kim was also seen on KUWTK indulging her cravings by flying to New Orleans and tucking into crab fingers, then later visiting France for cheesecake. The dream.

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Gigi Hadid

During her pregnancy with daughter, Khai, who she shares with Zayn Malikthe model revealed she'd made a special food order of her favourite Sprinkles cupcakes on Twitter: "Pregnancy is real when u order nationally shipped @sprinkles to be delivered to yourself". She later answered a fan who asked if she'd had any cravings by saying, "Supreme triple chunk brownies & make-your-own ranch mix dip w".

Gigi also later shared a series of pregnancy throwback snaps on her Instagram Stories, one of which revealed she'd also experienced a craving for ribs. She captioned a shot of Zayn adding sauce to some with 'ribz - a big pregnancy craving'.

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Kourtney Kardashian

Known for following a gluten and dairy-free diet the majority of the time (and being teased about it by her sisters on their family show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians), Kourtney craved Nilla Wafers and cheese and pickle sandwiches during her pregnancies. Speaking to Natural Health in 2014 she said, "I try to eat pretty healthy, but I think it's fun and important to listen to your cravings. I develop a thing for Nilla Wafer cookies every time [I'm pregnant]. I have no idea why! I've also been into cheese and pickle sandwiches."

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Katy Perry

Always an open book with her fans, singer Katy Perry shared her newfound love of spice and burritos during pregnancy on Instagram. "You want to talk cravings…" she wrote. "I like, literally, never cared for spice, and now, I have to carry Tabasco sauce in my purse like that woman. Like, I am that woman. I am Karen with her Tabasco sauce. Some people have essential oils, and I have Tabasco sauce. ... I've been eating the same burrito for weeks on end."

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Perrie Edwards

While chatting away on TikTok during a Little Mix interview, Perrie shared that during the early stages of her pregnancy she was all about the sour sweets, specifically Toxic Waste. "Mine [cravings] have been weird," she said. "My one was Toxic Waste, you know the barrel. All I wanted was just sour, sour, sour... I loved it."

She added, "And Brain Lickers, I had to get myself on Amazon and get all the classics, Juicy Drop Pops, anything that was sour, I'm so over it, that was when I was feeling really sick but I'm great now."

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Jessica Alba

The mother of two revealed during an interview with Latina magazine back in 2011 that her top craving during pregnancy was fruit. "Sometimes you can't get a food out of your mind. I could always eat watermelon," she said. "With Honor [her eldest daughter], I loved fruit, too. It's a decent craving. You still eat cheeseburgers and pickles—you just want watermelon really bad."

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When expecting her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, Beyoncé's mother, fashion designer Tina Knowles, let slip to US Weekly that she'd been craving waffles. "She's going to be an awesome mom," Tina gushed at the time. N'aww!

Behati Prinsloo

The Victoria's Secret angel and activist, who is married to Maroon 5's Adam Levineposted some of her pregnancy cravings on her Instagram Stories. Top of the list? French fries dipped in milkshake (we have tried this and can confirm it's delicious) and slices of apple topped with tajin—a mixture of lime, chillies and sea salt.

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Hilary Duff

During her pregnancy with daughter Banks, the Lizzie McGuire star said she'd been obsessed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. "The other day I made a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which I have never done, and it was so, so good," Delish reported. Her jelly of choice: Strawberry, usually, or apricot if she's in the mood something a little less sweet.

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Ashley Tisdale

High School Musical Star Ashley says she suddenly developed a thirst for orange juice while expecting, as well as a love of steak. "Orange juice is my favourite thing in the entire world," she told Us Weekly. "[It’s] so strange. I’ve liked orange juice, but I’ve never gone through so many orange juices in my life."

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