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Champorado Cookies Are Here, And We're Suddenly Having Major Cravings

With gold tuyo flakes, btw.
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Can you remember the last time you had *really good* champorado? The kind that feels like a giant hug that you never want to end? If it's been a while, then you're in for a treat (literally). 

Ollie's Kitchen by Chef Oliver Isidro just brought back the coveted Champorado Cookies, and it's as beautiful as ever.

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If you can recall, these babies started out as champorado-inspired cookies in 2017. Back then, they were made with local tablea, puffed rice, Laguna pastillas de leche, and Pangasinan salt.

Now, they're topped with gold tuyo flakes. You read that right.

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Get a box of six for P600 or an anniversary-sized one (500 grams) for P800. For more information, check out Ollie's Kitchen's Instagram


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