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Broke But Busog: We Ordered The Cheapest Meals From 5 Fast Food Chains

Keep these orders in mind for when you're strapped for cash.
PHOTO: Mark Jesalva

Fast food chains are already cheaper than most restaurants, but when your budget doesn't have a lot of love to give—usually around petsa de peligrosometimes you really just need the most affordable item on the menu. 

Cosmo went to five fast food chainsMcDonald's, Jollibee, KFC, Chowking, and Bon Chonto figure out which item that is. Our exact words were: "Ano yung pinakamura na meal sa menu?" The follow-up question usually asked for a specific category, but we stressed that it didn't matter what it was, it just had to be the cheapest meal.

Check it out!


What it is: Burger McDo + regular fries + regular drink
Price: P82

Mark Jesalva
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What it is: Jolly Spaghetti + regular drink
Price: P55

Mark Jesalva


What it is: Flavor shots with rice + regular drink
Price: P69

Mark Jesalva
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What it is: Pork chao fan + four pieces of siomai + regular drink
Price: P99

Mark Jesalva

Bon Chon

What it is: One-piece chicken with rice + regular drink
Price: P105

mark Jesalva
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