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10 Mouth-Watering Cheese Platters In Metro Manila

Best paired with a glass of wine and some friends!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/thebowery_ph, (RIGHT) Instagram/vittoswine

Everyone deserves an indulgent meal once in a while. And what better way to spend your cheat day than around a cheese platter, a bottle of wine, and some loved ones? Whether you’re enjoying a barkada brunch, or spending some romantic quality time with your man, these cheesy dishes in Metro Manila are sure to make all your dairy dreams come true.

  1. Baked Camembert with Toasted Sourdough

    Where to get it: The Bowery, BGC, Taguig
    Ooey gooey French cheese with a side of herby chunks of bread? Yes, please. This is just one of The Bowery’s many stellar dishes. But it stands out because of its creamy decadence, and uncanny ability to pair well with any of the restaurant’s original cocktails. Be sure to order this for your next happy hour!

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  2. Mixed Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter

    Where to get it: Vitto’s Wine Bar & Restaurant, Quezon City
    Vitto’s is a cheese lover’s paradise. They not only serve a traditional dish featuring brie, parmigiano, blue cheese, smoked cheese, and goat cheese—all drizzled in honey, but they also allow you to customize your own platter with various cold cuts. And with daily wine promos, you can’t go wrong!

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  3. Signature Brie Bruleé

    Where to get it: Fino Deli, Marikina
    Not only does this brie have caramelized sugar on top (*drool*), but it’s also served alongside even more high-end cheese. Plus, the platter comes with Spanish salami, bread, and honey! It goes great with red wine and a cute date.

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  4. Cheese

    Where to get it: La Vie Parisienne, Multiple Branches
    You know a cheese platter is legit when it is entirely customizable. At La Vie Parisienne, the menu has multiple pages labeled CHEESE, from which diners get to pick one or two—or twelve—of their favorites. You can also choose slices from the cold cuts section of the menu to add more variety to your cheeseboard. The price for each is tallied by weight.

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  5. Chorizo and Cheese Platter

    Where to get it: Barcino, Multiple Branches
    Cheese platters are already amazing on their own, but when you combine them with smoked slices of lightly spiced chorizo, you’ve got the makings of a long night full of wine, laughter, and memories. And if you’re not into chorizo, Barcino also has a platter of just cheese.

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  6. Antipasti Sampler

    Where to get it: Grape Escape, Quezon City
    With unlimited wine, a solid selection of domestic and imported cheeses, as well as sausage and salami, Grape Escape on Maginhawa street is the place to spend your weeknights. Their cheesy appetizer varies depending on availability—but you can’t really go wrong here. You heard us say unli-wine, right?

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  7. Spanish Cold Cuts & Cheese Platter

    Where to get it: Bistro Madrid by Terry’s, Pasig
    Bistro Madrid is celebrated for its paella. But the unsung hero of its menu is the platter of Manchego, Mahon, and Arzúa-Ulloa—cheeses originating from Spain, which showcase the country’s range in flavors. Served with ham, chorizo, and salchichón, the dish is the perfect opening to what’s sure to be a satisfying meal.

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  8. Assaggio di Formaggi

    Where to get it: Galileo Enoteca, Mandaluyong
    First of all, the fact that you must order Galileo Enoteca’s assorted cheeses by weight means that you can theoretically build as big a cheese platter as their supply will allow. And if you’re a cheese lover looking to celebrate something special, why wouldn’t you? Secondly, the restaurant’s menu is written almost entirely in Italian, promising diners a certain level of authenticity. And for the record, it fulfills that promise!

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  9. The Doctor’s Platter

    Where to get it: Le Bistro Du Dr. Wine, Makati
    If you’re looking for a cheese platter with some variety, try this dish from one of the newest bars in the metro’s hippest neighborhood. A dish of fine cheeses are served alongside a rustic pate, salad, cold cuts, and crusty artisan bread. It’s an an unassuming dish that packs a lot of punch

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  10. Cheese Platter

    Where to get it: Planet Grapes, Multiple Branches
    For a no-fuss cheese platter to savor with some wine, Planet Grapes’ straight-forward appetizer is your go-to. With five varieties ranging for mild to sharp, and soft to hard, making your way through this dish is a cheese-filled adventure. Be sure to ask your wine associate for their drink recommendations!

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