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Guiltless Gastos: Which Restaurant Has The Most Sulit Chicken Wings?

Ready to wing it?

“Wings!” is always a good answer to “Ano kayang masarap kainin today?” Admit it: There’s just something about it that most people can’t resist. 

Finding your go-to wings place is not an easy feat—there’s just so much to consider: the meat to breading ratio, the perfect marinade and dip, and of course, the price of each order. 

Team Cosmo visited five different restaurants, and every order had six pieces of wings for this round's Guiltless Gastos. Then, we checked the prices, weighed the orders, and listed them down for you to figure out which offer is the most sulit.

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

We ordered a half dozen of their Garlic Parmesan wings and it cost us P249. All six pieces weighed 313 grams. 

Weight per wing: approx. 52.12 grams
Price per wing: P249/6 = P41.5 per wing

Is it sulitYes, because he wings are meaty and packed with flavor! 

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Bad Bird

For P290, we enjoyed six pieces of Bad Bird’s Gochujang Buffalo Wings—the whole order weighed 344 grams. 

Weight per wing: approx. 57.33 grams
Price per wing: P290/6 = P48.33

Is it sulitYes! The wings, which has a unique sweet and tangy flavor, are the heaviest ones out of all the brands on this list. 

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Pub Express

Pub Express—a new food court find—served half a dozen of their Buffalo Hot Wings for P189. The order weighed 288 grams. 

Weight per wing: approx. 48 grams
Price per wing: P189/6 = P31.5

Is it sulitOkay na for the price. Yes, it's sulit!

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Army Navy

Six pieces of Army Navy’s Classic Buffalo Wings weighed 243 grams and cost us P285. 

Weight per wing: approx. 40.5 grams
Price per wing: P285/6 = P47.5 

Is it sulit? Army Navy's is the second most expensive one on the list, but it's also the second lightest order out of the five. Hindi siya sulit.

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When we ordered six pieces of 8cuts’ Salt and Pepper Wings for takeout, they charged us P265.75: P255 for the wings, and P10.75 for the packing charge. The wings weighed 242 grams. 

Weight per wing: approx. 40.33 grams
Price per wing: Without the packing charge, each wing would cost P42.5 (P255/6).

Is it sulitNot really, because this order weighed the least out of all the brands, and it isn't that cheap. 

Editor's Note (02/14/2020, 4:15 p.m.): We originally wrote that we were charged P277.75 for 8cuts' Salt and Pepper half-dozen wings: P265 for the wings, and P12.75 for the packing charge. This has now been corrected to reflect the correct price, which is P265.75: P255 for the Salt and Pepper half-dozen wings and P10.75 for the packing charge.

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So, what do you think is the most sulit out of all these chicken wing orders?


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