Cinnabon's Biscoff Cookie Minibons Are Here To Make Your Dreams Come True

Sinong gutom na? *raises hand*
PHOTO: instagram/cinnabonphilippines

Cinnabon is one of those dessert spots you hit up when you know exactly what you want right after a big lunch (Cinnabon Stix), while you're shopping for a new 'fit (Cinnabites), or after a long fucking day in the office (a freshly baked Cinnabon Classic all to yourself, thank you). 

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But if you're looking to try something new from the place that makes the absolute best cinnamon rolls, go for the Biscoff Cookie Minibon!

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A crowd favorite, the Biscoff Cookie Butter Minibon is now drizzled with sweet, creamy milk, and it might just be the treat you need after a long week. 

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