Stay Hydrated With This Chic, Eco-Friendly Clear Drink Container

It's quite practical, too!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) instagram/aquacartonph, instagram/iradeniseoyco via instagram/aquacartonph

Remember the boxed water trend? I used to see those all over social media, and though I never bought into it, I have to admit—as far as hydration-related fads, it was the most fashionable I've seen. That said, it's not exactly the most sustainable, especially if you're just staying at home.

Thankfully, we have other options. Reusable tumblers are available practically everywhere, and we always have the ever-classy pitcher and glass combo. There's also this clear water bottle that everyone on social media is loving at the moment, and in our opinion, it might be the greatest thing since boxed water.

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This milk carton-esque container from Aqua Carton is taking over Instagram as the new, stylish way store your drinks. Its minimalist look alone makes it photo-worthy, but it's the clear design that makes it practical—especially if you're storing them several of them with different contents in your fridge. They can be quite pretty when you have colorful fruit-infused drinks, home brewed coffee, milk tea, and so on.

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According to the brand, the bottle is leakproof and made of BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic material that won't get into your drinks. However, it doesn't seem to be recommended for hot liquid, so only use it for cool beverages!

The Aqua Carton is available in 500mL (P649) and a 1-liter (P999) sizes, and you can order yours online through their website

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