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13 Cocktails To Try If You Don’t Like The Taste Of Alcohol

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/yespleaseph, (RIGHT) Instagram/thebowery_ph

Are there cocktails that mute the flavor of alcohol because you can’t stand hard liquor? Answer: Yes. Is it possible to get batshit crazy drunk on drinks that don’t remotely taste like there’s any alcohol in them? Answer: HELL. YES. In fact, it’s the worst way to get wasted, because you have no idea when the alcohol hits you—in an hour? Two hours? The next day?

The important thing to remember is that these still are cocktails, and they can still get you potentially very buzzed. If you’re not into strong drinks, we’ve rounded up not-so-light but easy to drink tipples to get you through your night out.

  1. Spiked Matcha

    If you’re still riding the matcha craze that invaded every bakery and coffee shop since the mid-2010s, then you’ll be more than eager to try the Spiked Matcha from ABKD. In this cocktail, orange bitters and peppermint complement the matcha flavor, while the blend of light and dark rum adds a bolder flavor for a full-bodied finish.

  2. Halo Halo

    WHERE: Run Rabbit Run
    Desserts are always better when it’s spiked with alcohol, and Run Rabbit Run’s Halo Halo is no different. Make no mistake, even if this still has the fun toppings like sweet beans and sago, this Halo Halo is guaranteed to get you buzzed before you even knowing it. Rum and bourbon spikes this sweet blend of coconut nectar, vanilla liqueur, gula melaka or palm sugar, and bitters.

  3. Rebujito

    WHERE: Alegria Cozinha Moderna
    Summer is pretty much a constant season in the Philippines (in spite of the occasional downpours), so we don’t blame you if you think that summer also #issamood. Mojitos are a popular Cuban summer drink, but Alegria makes it even better. Channel the summer season with the Rebujito—made with sherry wine instead of the traditional white rum, mint, and citrus flavors.

  4. Say Anything

    Named after one of John Hughes’ classic 80s rom-coms, Say Anything from INT. Bar will remind you of your first love and make you feel ~feels~. It’s a sophisticated twist on the amaretto sour: It splits the alcohol base between spiced rum and amaretto, then mixes lemon juice and housemade falernum syrup for the sweet and sour notes, and finally, it’s topped with whisked egg white for a creamy finish.

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    WHERE: Yes Please
    If you haven’t experience having a mini heart attack, scrambling for change, and running outside your house upon the bellowing arrival of Mang Taho on your street, you need to sort out your priorities. As a tribute to your favorite taho man, belt out TAHOOO on your next night out at Yes Please. This sweet, sweet libation is made with rum, vanilla bitters, arnibal, soy milk, and cheese foam—and no, they didn’t skip on the sago either.

  6. Blame It On The Heat

    WHERE: Polilya
    You’ll wish this slushie cocktail was available for self-serve in convenience stores and not just in Polilya. You don’t even have to like beer to order this deceptively light-tasting libation—even if it’s made with frozen shandy, vodka, citrus, and Engkanto Stout beer. The trick is to pace yourself; the last thing you want is for the immeasurable amount of alcohol you drank to hit you all at once. Don’t become a living meme.

  7. Cucumber Frost

    WHERE: The Wild Poppy
    Admit it, you’ve been dreaming of having a spa day since the start of this year but haven’t had the time to do it. While the reality of relaxing with cucumber slices over your eyelids seems far away, have your cucumber anyway and drink it, too, with the Cucumber Frost. Laze away on a chill evening with this mix of gin, lemon juice, and freshly blended cucumber.

  8. Ube Milk Punch

    WHERE: The Curator
    For those who never scooped out ube from a jar and ate it right off the spoon...why not?! Don’t miss out on a totes normal Filipino pastime as well as indulging yourself with The Curator’s Ube Milk Punch. This rich, creamy, and flavorful cocktail blends ube-infused bourbon, bitters, sherry wine, and butterscotch liqueur. It’s like a local version of an eggnog, so try it warm when the weather turns unusually cool.

  9. Lan Kwai Tai

    WHERE: Lan Kwai Speakeasy
    The worst kind of cocktails are the ones that won’t make you realize you’ve drunk too much until it’s too late, and that typically happens when you order drinks that make you barely taste the alcohol. If going from zero to 100 outta nowhere is more your speed, try the Lan Kwai Tai. It’s made with rum—but trust, you won’t even know it’s in there.

  10. Sago Gulaman

    WHERE: Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli
    Before milk tea came to Manila, sago’t gulaman introduced us to the magic of sago or pearls. Anyone who enjoys sipping on this traditional Filipino sweet drink is bound to love the Sago Gulaman from Alamat. It’s made pandan mint, panutsa, sago, gulaman, while the cocktail gets its boozy kick from dark rum.

  11. Creme Brulee Shots

    WHERE: The Bowery
    In case you haven’t noticed, dessert cocktails are super trendy these days, and they’re perfect for those who aren’t fans of usual cocktail blends. For an indulgent shot that goes down smoothly, have a Creme Brulee shot from The Bowery in BGC. Vanilla-flavored vodka is mixed with custard and vanilla bean syrup, then it’s topped with meringue with a sprinkle of sugar on top to give its caramelized finish when it’s been torched.

  12. Disco Berries

    WHERE: Big Bad Wolf
    Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered what your favorite fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice would taste like if it had alcohol in it. It’s also the perfect cover if you feel like day drinking (but you didn’t hear that from us *wink*). Crank the funk in your day with Disco Berries, Big Bad Wolf’s smoothie cocktail that combines vodka, cranberry juice, wild strawberry liqueur, and frozen berries.

  13. Annie Hall

    INT. takes it even further back—the 70s to be more specific—with rom-com films, this one starring Diane Keaton, aka Annie Hall. Think of this tipple like a creamy lemon tart, except it’s made with apple cider vinegar (WTF, right?), cinnamon syrup, lemon-infused gin, Cointreau, and lemon juice, then topped with egg foam.

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