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You Need This Gorgeous Cookie Cake At Your Next Celebration

You'll need to pre-order this Cookie Cake from Ollie's Kitchen.
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Some of us are cake lovers and some of us are (wannabe) cookie connoisseurs, but thanks to Chef Ollie Isidro of Ollie's Kitchen, it's possible to have the best of both worlds. 

Pre-order the Classic Chocolate Chip with Maldon Sea Salt Cookie Cake for only P1,200. Instagram/

If you want to celebrate a milestone or a special someone, do it with Ollie's Kitchen's beautiful Celebration Cookie Cake. This comes in two flavors: a Classic Chocolate Chip with Maldon Sea Salt and a Quadruple Chocolate

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Each cookie cake is around 800 grams, measures eight inches in diameter, and is two inches thick! 

The Quadruple Chocolate Cookie Cake is priced at P1,400. Instagram/

Visit Ollie's Kitchen's Instagram account for details on how to pre-order these beauties. 

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