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Here's How Many Calories There Are In Each Serving Of Dalgona Coffee

Have you tried this internet-famous drink?
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Staying at home gives us lots of opportunities to try something new, so when the Dalgona coffee trend started popping up, people were quick to try it out for themselves.

The internet-famous drink is really easy to make because it only requires three simple ingredients: instant coffee, white sugar, and water-all whipped together to create a froth. It resembles a Korean candy called Dalgona, which is why many people started to call it using the same name.

You can consume it on its own or pour it over milk, but either way, coffee lovers sure had another thing to look forward to every day.

While it only has three ingredients, apparently a serving of Dalgona coffee has approximately 374kcal, according to a post made by Philippine Association of Nutrition—Delta Chapter. (In case you're wondering, yes, that's A LOT.)

Philippine Association of Nutrition - Delta Chapter further explained that the 374 calorie count is based on one serving equivalent to 1 1/3 cup. The calorie count may also vary depending on the ingredients used. The particular recipe this calorie count was based on used the following amount of ingredients: two tbsp instant coffee, two tbsp white sugar, and one cup fresh cow milk.

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Here is the breakdown of the Nutrition Facts from Philippine Association of Nutrition - Delta Chapter: