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Google Says Everyone Wanted To Make Dalgona Coffee In 2020

Pinays share how they made the *perfect* cup of Dalgona coffee.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Marj Ramos; (RIGHT) Nicole Ceballos

To no one's surprise, "how to make Dalgona coffee" topped Google's *how-to* search list this 2020. If you can recall, everyone seemed to try their hand at making a good cup back in March. How to make leche flan and pancakes also made the list. Check out the complete list of how-to searches in the Philippines in 2020:

  1. How to make Dalgona coffee?
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  3. How to compute BMI?
  4. How to boost the immune system?
  5. How to make leche flan?
  6. How to divide fractions?
  7. How to solve quadratic equations?
  8. How to make pancakes?
  9. How to apply an SSS calamity loan online?
  10. How to prevent COVID-19?

We asked several Pinays who were successful at creating cups of whipped coffee to spill their secrets—including specific brands and measurements they used!—and share tips on how we can possibly achieve it, too.


Ingredients Used: Nescafé Gold, white sugar, hot water, and either Nestle or Arla full fat milk for the base.

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How she whipped it: I used the 1:1:1 ratio. Since it doubles in size quite a bit once everything’s whisked together, one tbsp. of everything is enough for me. I think it’s good enough for two cups. If you’re doing it for the ‘gram, whisk until it has stiff peaks for the photo! If you can’t wait to drink it, stop whisking when it’s still a little runny so it mixes well with the milk faster.

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What she thinks: I love my recipe, lol. I put lots of ice cubes so it’s super cold! I’m an iced coffee addict so Dalgona works for me! I like Nescafé Gold because the coffee flavor is strong, robust, and a little bitter with a hint of cocoa. It works well with the sugar and milk so it’s not too sweet but not too acidic either.

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Ingredients Used: Nescafé Gold, white sugar, and cold water.

How she whipped it: I used 1/4 cup of each ingredient. Also full disclaimer: I used an electric whisk so it took a lot less effort than I expected.

What she thinks: I liked the ceremony of it but can't imagine integrating this into my day to day. I also drink my coffee black with no milk so this was a departure talaga for me. I actually hated the taste because it was so sweet and concentrated, to the point of bitterness.

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Ingredients Used: Nescafé gold, light brown sugar, and cold water.

How she whipped it: I used one tbsp. each for the ingredients. I also used an electric mixer to whisk everything together. It only took me two minutes to finish.

What she thinks: I’m normally a black coffee drinker because it’s the fastest to do and gets me in a work mood, but now that I have extra time, this is fun to do and tastes like vacation too. Tip: Use COLD water. Hot water will dissolve the sugar which is needed to create friction and aerate the water and coffee. Also, use instant coffee. Coffee grounds are not water-soluble.

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Ingredients Used: UCC The Blend (Taste no. 118) Instant Coffee, white sugar, and hot water.

How she whipped it: I used one tbsp. of each ingredient. I whisked it while the water was still hot. I topped it over iced milk and sprinkled some cinnamon on top.

What she thinks: It’s yummy. It’s like a cute reversed flat white or a coffee milkshake.


Ingredients Used: Instant Black coffee, brown sugar, hot water, and Nestle fresh milk.

How she whipped it: I used two tbsp. of each ingredient, whisked them together manually (with the help of my mom).

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What she thinks: I would like to think it was a half-pass and half-fail because it tasted really good but it wasn’t super whipped because my arm started to hurt and I got tamad to finish it. Also, ang tapang ng two tbsp.!


Ingredients Used: Nescafé Taster's Choice Instant Coffee, Cowhead Pure Milk, brown sugar, hot water, and Kirkland Signature Organic Blue Agave

How she whipped it: For my first attempt at making Dalgona coffee, I mixed instant coffee, brown sugar, and hot water (two tablespoons of each), and whisked them in a bowl for a good five to 10 minutes until it was thick and the color changed to light brown. Then I filled my coffee mug with ice cubes and poured in the milk with a teaspoon of honey because I like my coffee sweet. It was good for two servings, but now I do a bigger batch so I can set aside in the fridge for later (the important thing is just to keep your ratio of ingredients 1:1:1). If I'm feeling a bit extra, I'd also usually add some chocolate shavings on top.

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What she thinks: Overall, it's a nice way to elevate instant coffee, plus it's a good arm workout too! LOL!

Nikki U.

Ingredients Used: Nescafé gold, white sugar, and hot water.

How she whipped it: I made a big batch so I used four tbsp. of each ingredient. It only took me about three minutes of whisking to get to the whipped stage.

What she thinks: The texture is unique—something you need to get used to at first especially since its floating over the milk lang and the coffee isn’t really mixed in so all the more it’s like drinking a cloud. But as for taste, it tastes like a caramel macchiato for me!

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Nikki B.

Ingredients Used: Lavazza instant coffee, brown sugar, and hot water.

How she whipped it: Used one tbsp. of each ingredient and whipped everything together.

What she thinks: Surprisingly really good! I like it best when it's mixed together with the milk —it's thick in consistency and the coffee was strong. Tried it again today with almond milk, and it wasn't good.

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Ingredients Used: Folger's Classic Roast coffee crystals, white sugar, and lukewarm water.

How she whipped it: I used 10 tbsp. of each ingredient because I made a big batch for our household. I used a mixer to whip together, on low muna then gradually turned up the speed. Probably took me 10 mins? Then scooped it on top of iced Cowhead milk.

What she thinks: All I can say is WHOO ANG TAPANG! Siguro kasi the ratio was half-half, baka dapat more milk than the mixture! But my mother-in-law and I liked it!


Ingredients Used: White sugar, Members Mark Colombian Arabica instant coffee, and hot water.

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How she whipped it: I used two tbsp. of each ingredient. So we tried it with a milk frother while my brother whisked his by hand, and his turned out better. During our first attempt, we used lukewarm water and 3-in-1 coffe. Don’t do that! Nothing happened, even after we used an industrial mixer, lol. I started to think it was a hoax or something.

What she thinks: I found it delicious and I think it’s a trend worth trying at least once. I intend to make it again soon but maybe using different recipes or testing out the matcha or Milo versions!

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Ingredients Used: Blend 45 black coffee, Stevia, hot water, and Himalayan salt or cocoa powder.

How she whipped it: I put all coffee mixture ingredients in a mixing bowl and followed the 1:1:1 ratio so that's one tbsp. of everything. Whisked everything for five to seven minutes, until you get your desired consistency. I also included a pinch of Himalayan salt because I miss UCC’s Judy on the Rocks! Poured everything on top of milk. You can also sprinkle cocoa powder on top!

What she thinks: I tried the Dalgona coffee because everyone seems to be doing it, and it turned out to be one of the best (and easiest!) to make coffees at home, and tastes just as good as it looks too! It’s worth the whisk. *wink*

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Ingredients Used: White sugar, UCC 117 coffee, and water.

How she whipped it: I made a big batch so I used four tbsp. of each ingredient. I left it in the mixer for seven minutes.

What she thinks: Mine (on the right) was sakto lang. Not so fluffy, but it tasted like coffee crumble ice cream! I knew it was going to be too sweet, so for my base I added coffee to the milk and filled my glass w lots of ice.


Ingredients Used: Nescafé Gold, brown sugar, and hot water.

How she whipped it: I used two tbsp. of each ingredient and put everything in a bowl. I whisked everything together 400 times until it turned into a light brown color. I poured everything into a glass with milk or almond milk.

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What she thinks: I honestly struggled by manually whisking the mixture for 400 times, but I consider it an achievement since I don't really usually bake or whip something up on my own. I used Nescafé Gold for the coffee because it has less sugar in it compared to 3-in-1. My Dalgona coffee tastes a bit strong. Overall, it reminds me of iced caramel macchiato—one of my fave coffee drinks! I'd totally make one again.


Ingredients Used: Nescafé Gold, sugar, and hot water.

How she whipped it: We used 1:1:1 ratio. My sister said sugar is the ingredient na nagpapa-emulsify, so better if dagdagan ng sugar para hindi ka aabuti ng matagal pag-whisk. Dissolve coffee and sugar in hot water then whisk until foamy, then set aside. Prepare a glass of fresh milk with ice, put the coffee foam on top then enjoy!

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What she thinks: It tastes really good, I was surprised. As a coffee person, I’m quite picky of the coffee I consume and I must say that this one is a good alternative for coffee worth a hundred bucks that I usually buy. It’s easy to prepare and the ingredients are affordable. My sister and I enjoyed it while doing our work-from-home routine! PS: No failed attempts because my sister prepared it and she’s a TLE teacher so she got it right the first time!


Ingredients Used: M&S coffee, brown sugar, and hot water.

How she whipped it: We used 1:1:1 ratio and whisked everything together using a fork!

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What she thinks: I had three attempts before I found the right mix that’s good for me. The first time I tried it, I added too much coffee so the taste was so intense I had a minor headache afterwards, lol. The process of whisking was the hardest part, because we didn’t have a whisk/mixer, I only used a fork! But I was so determined to get the froth texture that no one can stop me. It was kind of satisfying afterwards. I love adding milk with my coffee so I really liked how Dalgona tasted. Nice replacement for my usual Starbucks drink.

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Ingredients Used: Nescafé classic, brown sugar, and hot water.

How she whipped it: I used the 1:1:1 ratio.

What she thinks: Nescafé classic is a bit strong so we added more water and sugar which I think balanced out the intensity of the coffee with a little more sweetness!  Even if it's essentially just 3-in-1, the preparation (aka manually stirring for a good 15-20 mins!) and drinking that thick and fluffy sweet coffee definitely adds to the experience. It's so much fun and turned out really good so I'll probably do this on a daily basis for the remainder of my WFH life!

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Ingredients Used: Nescafé classic, muscovado sugar, and hot water.

How she whipped it: I used the 1:1:1 ratio and used an electric mixer to whip everything together.

What she thinks: We just used cold milk without ice, scared that ice would dilute the taste. We like our coffee strong and creamy. This type of coffee preparation just hits the correct spot, perfect for a hot afternoon.


Ingredients Used: Nescafé gold, white sugar, and hot water.

How she whipped it: I used two tbsp. for each ingredient. I also used a milk frother to mix everything together.

What she thinks: I don’t really take my coffee with milk but the hype got me interested to try. I enjoyed the strong taste of the Dalgona (which is what I always look for in my coffee!) then followed by the milk which balances the flavor. It kind of has some chocolate notes to it also, which I love. Overall, it’s a great pick me up drink!

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So, will you attempt to try making one for yourself again soon?

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