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You Have To Try This Easy, No-Bake Dalgona Coffee Cake Recipe!

You'll only need three ingredients.
PHOTO: FACEBOOK/ExcursionistaDiaries

By now, you've probably heard of the Dalgona coffee trend, and you've probably tried it, too. You may have also tried a couple of non-coffee iterations of the food trend.

Here's another Dalgona recipe you might like for your next merienda. A vlogger under the name Excursionista Diaries shared her recipe for Dalgona coffee cake. The good thing about it is that you don't need an oven!

Here are the ingredients she used:

  • one can of 410mL Kremdensada (chilled for at least 8 hours),
  • one stick of Nescafe classic 
  • five packs of Fudgee Barr Cake

The total amount she spent for the ingredients is P92, and she ended up making two tubs worth of Dalgona coffee cake. Sulit!

To make it, first slice the Fudgee Barr cakes in half. Set these aside, and then pour the condensed milk into a bowl and start whisking until you achieve a foamy consistency.

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Tip: Chilling the condensed milk prior to using it helps you get that foamy texture much faster.

Once you're done whipping, split the foamy milk into two equal portions and add the instant coffee in one of the condensed milk serving.s

Get a small tub and start layering: Fudgee Barr slices first, plain whipped cream next, whipped cream with coffee after, and then repeat the process again.

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Chill it in the fridge for at least five hours and there you have it! Watch her the full instructions here: