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Here's Enchong Dee's Own Recipe For A Healthy Shake You Can Make At Home

His Calamansi Pomelo Shake is packed with vitamin C!
PHOTO: youtube/enchong dee

Apart from religiously washing your hands, disinfecting your gadgets, and practicing physical distancing, it wouldn't hurt to be more mindful about what you eat so you stay healthy. And if one of your goals is to boost your immune system, then check out Enchong Dee's delicious Calamansi Pomelo Shake. 

Enchong shared his recipe through his YouTube channel, and it's actually not that complicated. In fact, there aren't even strict measures; everything can be adjusted to your preference. 

He started by slicing and squeezing 12 to 15 pieces of calamansi. After putting the juice in a blender, he added honey (locally sourced, of course). Enchong also threw in some flax seed, chia seeds, and turmeric in there. Add ice and then water before blending everything. The pomelo is mixed in last after the first blend to retain some of its pulp. Briefly blend again before enjoying your drink! Cheers! 

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