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This Cake Is Soaked In Choc Nut-Infused Milk And Topped With Choc Nut Chunks

It's the dessert of our dreams.
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/fattycakesph, Wikimedia Commons/Dernhelm5984

Choc Nut is one of those candies that really reminds us of the ~carefree~ days of our childhood. These days, though, many online bakeshops are coming up with their own ways to spin this classic treat. Another one to add to the list is this decadent Choc Nut Milk Cake by Fatty Cakes that's soaked in Choc Nut-infused milk and topped with Choc Nut chunks! Is anyone else drooling right now?

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The Fascinating History Of Choc Nut

Before you start ordering the cake and buying it for all your best friends, allow us to describe the heart-stopping creation. The Choc Nut Milk Cake is composed of a fluffy vanilla sponge cake soaked (a la tres leches) in a milk mixture that's been infused with Choc Nut. That way, you get a hint of that unmistakable nutty chocolate flavor in every bite. The cake is then topped with chocolate mousse to complement the Choc Nut taste and add extra chocolatey flavor. Lastly, and arguably the best part, the dessert is topped with a generous helping of Choc Nut chunks. The moist, fluffy texture of the pastry will be a delicate contrast against the signature crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth Choc Nut texture. You'll be munching on this cake by the spoonful, but try not to eat it all in one sitting!

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Here's a closer look at the irresistible dessert:

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You can order Fatty Cakes' Choc Nut Milk Cake (P400) by filling out the order form featured on their Instagram page.