Guess Which Filipino Food Is Taking Over The Dessert World?

Hint: Ooh, bae. GET IT?

The rest of the world—ok, America—is finally realizing something we've known our entire lives: You can't go wrong with UBE! We're not gonna bore you by describing ube because chances are, you grew up on this stuff. But apparently, ube-flavored food is the newest groundbreaking trend in the New York food scene, so much so that Manila Social Club is charging $100 (roughly P4,700) for a single donut. ONE. FREAKING. DONUT. 

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This donut is made with a mixture of ube mousse, champagne jelly, and 24k gold. Honestly, the only time we'd ever pay that much for a donut is if it was also sprayed with water from the Fountain of Youth. But we understand that people will go through great lengths for the 'gram. Manila Social Club also sells more affordable ube-flavored treats, putting them on the map as New York's go-to ube spot. 

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Are you breathing heavily yet? 'Cause we are. Where do you go to get your ube fix? 

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