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What Is The 'Fire Noodle Challenge?'

Spice, spice, baby!
PHOTO: Youtube/Guava Juice

Are you sick of going to the mall? Too tired for an inuman session? Or maybe you're too broke to go food-tripping with your friends. We recommend calling up your barkada and trying out the Fire Noodle Challenge! Hailing from the land that brought us the best skincare products and Descendants of the Sun, Koreans started this challenge last year, and we need to step it up! The noodles are called booldakbokkeummyun, which sounds like something we made up, but it literally means "fire noodles."

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This guy tried making the noodles five times spicier! #SoManyRegrets

And then there's this genius who ate it with cheese AND dumplings:

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