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A Strawless Cup For Bubble Tea Exists, And It's Genius!

Plastic straws suck.

As delicious as bubble tea is, it has one major flaw rn: It's not environmentally friendly. Of course, people have began to ditch plastic straws, trading them for steel or bamboo ones. Some even bring their own tumblers, and you'd be surprised how many establishments say yes to this request. 

Taiwanese brand FLOAT is here with another option: a strawless cup for your bubble tea obsession! 

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As shown in the video, there is a separate container near the cap that holds all the pearls. It's also detachable, so it's not hard to clean. According to Eater, the cup has six parts: "a recycled glass cup that is at least 20-ounces [big]; a Tritan hard plastic inner cup designed to hold tapioca balls or other add-ons; and four parts that make up the lid, which appears to have two openings that allow the drinker to alternately sip just the liquid, or the liquid and the add-on."

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In a Facebook update posted on May 24, 2019, it looks like FLOAT has requested for patent and is hoping to have their product available in Taiwan by the -ber months of 2019.