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People Share The Food They're *Craving* The Most During Quarantine

And some of the restaurants they're for sure visiting when this is over.
PHOTO: (left)instagram/romanticbaboysmcityclark, (right) instagram/frankieswings

Having spent almost three weeks at home, you probably have a routine going at home—and there's a good chance your meals have also been on rotation. Speaking for myself, I am not talented in the kitchen, so most of my breakfast meals involve canned goods. While I consider myself lucky for having this option, I still can't help but *dream* about my favorite food (and restaurants) in the metro. And it looks like I'm not alone in this. I asked people in our Cosmo Mixers for their current cravings. Here are the most popular responses:


A lot of people are missing ramen right now, particularly Mendokoro Ramenba's Super Chasu Ramen and Ramen Nagi's Butao King. Ippudo is also pretty popular. 

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Many of you have very strong feelings about samgyupsal, and we're letting you know, they are all valid. Special mentions include Samgyupsalamat and Romantic Baboy

Chicken Wings

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to chicken wings, Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings reigns supreme among our readers. 

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People are vocal about how desperate they are for really good sashimi (from Nihonbashitei, Oedo, and Kikufuji), which is not something everyone can "hack" at home. 

Dim Sum

When it comes to dim sum, it's Din Tai Fung all the way. 

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