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6 Food Items You Can Grow At Home During Quarantine

Time to test that green thumb.

Tired of endless queues at the grocery? One way to shorten your trips to the supermarket is to grow your own food at home. It’s practical, definitely cheaper, and even therapeutic. 

Keep in mind that even with a lot of TLC, growing plants is a waiting game. If you need help, drop by the Manila Grows Food Facebook group for some advice and inspo!

Here are some plants to start off your own vegetable garden at home:


Tomatoes grow easily, so they’re perfect for first-time gardeners! Choose a container thats at least 18 inches deep. Keep the soil moist by using a spray bottle. The seedlings might find it difficult to stand the heat and humidity during summertime, so dont forget to water them twice a day.

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Your salads will taste a lot fresher when your greens are plucked straight from the garden. Just don’t place too many pechay seeds in one tray as this can limit the plant’s growth. Make sure they’re getting filtered sunlight. Water the plant regularly to avoid withering.


Been craving fries? Try making your own. Potatoes love the sun, so you don’t need to worry about too much sunlight killing them off. Choose small potatoes with at least two eyes or buds. Let the pieces dry for a couple of days before planting to prevent rotting.

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Don’t have a lot of outdoor space? Onions can be grown inside the house, but you’ll still need good soil and plenty of sunlight. Choose a container thats at least 10 inches deep. There are several ways to grow onions, but the easiest one entails simply burying a small whole onion in soil. 


Good news for the juicing-obsessed: You can grow this superfood right at home. Plant kale seeds in a tray and transplant once they’re at least three inches tall. Water regularly to keep the soil moist. You can add compost to the soil once a month. Keep the plant away from the harsh sunlight. 

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It’s a staple in most Filipino households, thanks to its nutritional content and relatively cheap price. Malunggay thrives in tropical conditions, so you won’t have too much difficulty. Choose a pot thats at least 20 inches deep. Water regularly and place it in a spot with lots of sunshine.