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French Cuisine for You & Your Valentine

Get a taste of France this Valentine's Day at Chateau 1771.

In case your man doesn’t surprise you with a trip for two to France on V-day (some of us can just dream on), we have the next best thing right here in Metro Manila. You can enjoy Parisian cuisine at Chateau 1771 with its special lunch and dinner menu for you and your Valentine.


For lunch, Chateau 1771 is serving up a watercress soup and lavash bread to start.

For the main course, you’re given two choices: the US seared tenderloin with blue cheese stuffing (P1,300+) or the baked fish of the day (P1,100+). The steak is served with a medley of roasted vegetables, such as zucchini, potatoes, and eggplant. With each slice, the tenderloin oozes with a roasted garlic bacon sauce and blue cheese stuffing.

For a lighter alternative, try the baked fish of the day. The fish is flavored with lemon, thyme, capers, and almonds. As a pair to the baked fish, a creamy and buttery risotto made with squid and shrimp is served.


For dessert, Chateau 1771 is offering a white cloud melon sabayon, which is a poached meringue with melon and amaretto.  


Chateau 1771 offers a different selection of French food for dinner. As a starter, the Swiss brown mushroom vol-au-vent with greens is a must-try. The greens are served with edible flowers and a pomegranate dressing. Surrounded by a French puff pastry, the soup is a creamy mixture of garlic and thyme, which is then deglazed with wine. 

For the main course, you can choose from either the US Angus bone-in rib steak (P2,600+) or the Rougie duck leg confit (P2,400+). The 3/4-inch Angus steak is grilled to perfection and is spiced with butter, rosemary, tarragon, basil, thyme, and a swig of cognac. The steak is served with potatoes and a grilled ratatouille

If you’re craving something out-of-the-ordinary, choose the duck leg confit. The duck meat is cured with salt and cooked in a special Dutch oven, which produces a velvety piece of meat that falls off the bone.

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As the finale to your French feast, a chocolate valrhona ganache tart with gorgonzola crème brulee is sure to satisfy. This dessert is a marriage of sweet and salty with the Italian blue cheese in the crème brulee and the creamy chocolate in the ganache tart. 

For more information, call 729-9760 to 61 or (0917) 862-6467.