We Are *So* Excited About Gong Cha's New Milk Tea Flavors!

The new series includes four butterscotch beverages.
PHOTO: Gong Cha

Do you find yourself gravitating toward beverages with a caramel flavor, too? If that's the case, we have sweet, sweet news for you! Gong Cha recently released its new butterscotch series with four different beverages that will surely make any caramel fan excited. 

Gong Cha's butterscotch series includes two milk teas for your fix. There's the Butterscotch Milk Tea (P100/medium; P115/large) and the Butterscotch Matcha Milk Tea (P115/medium; P130/large). For when you needed that sweet, iced caffeine boost in the morning, the series also includes Butterscotch Coffee (P120/medium; P135/large). In case you're trying to avoid caffeine, try the refreshingly sweet Butterscotch Chocolate Smoothie (P130/medium; P145/large) instead.

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Gong Cha's Butterscotch series is available in all branches within Metro Manila.

For more information, follow Gong Cha on Facebook.

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