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Here's A Grocery List For Your Healthy *Girl Dinner*

Good food, good vibes!
girl dinner
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If you’re one to rely on TikTok for the latest trends—be it about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or everything in between—then you probably came across the concept of “girl dinner”. ICYDK, it’s a humble dining concept consists of arranging different kinds of snacks and food sans maximum effort–giving in to cravings and calling it a night afterward!

In a society where women are constantly bugged by the diet culture and the historical pressure to exert effort in preparing and cooking dishes, the trend is refreshing, not to mention a delightful, no-frills take on stay-at-home solo dining.

If you’re looking for kitchen staples the next time you have your girl dinner, think of healthy and yummy options. After all, there’s no true limit to what constitutes it, as long as you eat food that’ll make you feel good! Think of the usual low-effort prep faves: a mishmash of cheeses and bread, crackers, pickles, salami slices, fruits, and veggies. You can even include your drink of choice, too—may it be a relaxing artisanal tea or wine.


A one-stop shop for your girl dinner staples, One World Deli is a fave among culinary enthusiasts for its mindfully curated selection of products made by international purveyors and local food artisans alike. If you're not able to travel to your fave cities yet, you can still get your pantry stocked without a passport stamp! They opened their branch in San Juan, Manila, allowing us to make this must-try list for your reference. Below, check out our top picks.

1. Produce from Pedro Farms

To make sure you're sticking to healthy eating, grab a fresh stack from Pedro Farms, which has the freshest produce of tasty and flavorful greens for all your salad and ~gourmet~ plates.

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2. Pasta from Nadine Howell

Craving for restaurant-like pasta without the fuss? Skip all the fancies and stock your pantry with homemade fresh pasta! Chef Nadine was present at the store opening to teach us the basics of making pasta from scratch, and it was so simple and straightforward that we made it in minutes!

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3. Tea from Tsaa Laya

Sipping on a glass of tea is always a treat, especially if you're looking for the best way to unwind after a long, hectic day at work. Elevate your tea game with premium tea bags from Tsaa Laya, which packs the finest blends and delicious flavors for the ultimate girl dinner sip.

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4. Macarons and other sweets from The Tattoed Baker

If you're looking for the perf dessert to indulge in after your carbs, there's nothing quite as satisfying as pulling a box of decadent macarons from The Tattooed Baker, which crafts artisanal flavors that just melt in your mouth.

5. Coffee from Henry and Sons

Whether you’re a fan of signature lattes (ready to sip and go when you go to One Deli cafe) or prefer their fresh whole beans to brew at home, Henry and Sons has the best-tasting coffee that'll suit your taste buds.


6. Wine from Ian Santos

Just remember the basics: white wine goes well with fish, red wine with red meat—a perfect rule for the simple girl dinner dishes you whip up at home.

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7. Chocolates from OG Chocolate Man

Has there ever been a better excuse for chocolate—and lots of it? The OG Chocolate Man offers a variety of flavors that'll set your heart (and tummy) aflutter!

Bonus ~Hot Girl~ staple: Luxurious Bath Wash from For Keeps

After your healthy girl dinner, it's time for some ~hot girl bath~, and call it a night. And what better way to do it than with a calming, luxurious bath wash? Local brand For Keeps got the best bath essentials to keep you feeling relaxed and ready for some much-needed shut-eye. You totally deserve it!

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