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8 Delicious Korean Soups That You Should Definitely Try + How To Make Them

You'll be making these regularly in no time!
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Love Korean food? Of course, you can't miss out on a bowl (or two) of their hearty soups! (No, we're not talking about ramyeon here!) Not only are they the best during the cold szn, they're all also packed with so much flavor that you will crave for from time to time. (Extra rice, please!) 

Below, we listed down the best Korean soups that you should try, along with recipe videos that you can easily follow. Enjoy!

1. Sundubu Jigae

Remember Park Saeroyi (Park Seo Joon)'s signature dish that made even his strongest ~enemy~ kneel in Itaewon Class? It's called sundubu jigae or Korean spicy soft tofu stew. It's made guessed itsoft tofu (plus vegetables and a spicy soup base). You can also add meat or seafood in case you're feeling fancy, and cracking an egg wouldn't hurt, too!

2. Kimchi Jigae

Like what the name suggests, this stew is made of kimchi and the more fermented it is, the more flavorful it will be. You know what they say—like fine wine, everything gets better with age.

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3. Doenjang Jigae

Translating to Korean soybean paste stew, doenjang is "the Korean fermented soybean paste that's like Japanese miso's pushy-in-a-good-way cousin", according to Bon Appétit. Turn that into stew and you'll get a mix of sour and salty but still incredibly delicious.

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4. Budae Jigae

Fun fact: budae jigae or Korean army stew was discovered after the Korean war when locals would collect Spam, sausages, cheese, and the like from US army bases. It's a fusion of both Korean and American flavors, hence the spicy soup mixed with a ton of ~good stuff~. More Spam, anyone?

5. Tteok Guk

Koreans love their rice cakes, and this soup made out of oval-shaped tteok (rice cake) with a clear base is a crowd favorite! 

6. Miyeok Guk

Did you know that this seaweed soup is considered very special in South Korea? When someone is celebrating their birthday, they definitely need to have at least a bowl of miyeok guk. Apparently, it's also what new moms would often have during meals because it helps in producing breast milk.

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7. Haejang Guk

Haejang guk or hangover soup is the perfect meal to have after a night of...too much fun. You might be surprised with a version of this because it includes congealed oxblood, but you'll eventually get used to it after a few slurps. 

8. Samgyetang

Samgyetang might not be appealing to everyone since it's made with *super* healthy ingredients like ginger, garlic, ginseng, and dried jujubes. The chicken is also stuffed with rice! But once you discover its nutritional values, you'll absolutely finish that bowl in just a few minutes!

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