Here's How A Warm Cup Of Chocolate Can Surprisingly Bring Out Nostalgia

What are your fondest memories?
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Have you ever come across something that reminded you of a long-forgotten memory? Perhaps a dream-like moment from childhood, or a kilig-inducing scenario with "the one that got away"? Yearning for the comforts and familiarity of the past is something we all go through, but while the experience itself is common, each reflective moment—as well as the memories and the emotions it rekindles—is unique. After all, we have very different life-defining experiences.

Even the most trivial things can sometimes make us recall our fondest memories. Watch this video of four girls reminiscing about their glory days—from funny childhood antics to dyahe moments with their crushes—all with the help of a warm cup of chocolate. Yum!

Experience the same warm nostalgia by trying out Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate drink! It comes in five variants—which can possibly evoke five different memories from you, too! All these just in time for the holidays.

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